Minion Status Effects

Do status effects granted by minions stack with normal status effects of the same type? If not which takes precedence?

For example if I’m running both Sif and Zhuge Liang does Sif’s counter attack stack with the counter attack granted by Zhuge’s minions? If not which counter attack will be used to determine the damage, Sif’s or the minions? I’d think that if they don’t stack then the one with the highest damage output should be used. I ask because I have Zhuge maxed, LB, and 20 emblem nodes and I pulled Sif with costume which is great, but not as great if they can’t be used together.

Since you have Zhuge and Sif you can just test it.
I think that you can’t have both effects at once and buff from minions will overwrite every dispellable buff but I might be wrong.

You are correct. I went to test right after I posted. I was browsing the forum when I thought of this and posted before going into the game. The minions overwrite regardless of which is cast first. This is bad design imo. It should be handled like other same status effects (whichever is cast last is the one in effect) OR casted effects should override minion effects (when the casted effect time runs out then the minion effect would apply).

Thinking about it the same should be true with fiend effects. If Elizabeth’s fiends are causing -24% mana gain and I cast another hero’s special that reduces mana gain by a different amount then that should take precedence until the time runs out and then the effect from the fiends takes over again. I don’t think the developers put allot of thought into these types of things when they’re developing new specials/effects.

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