Raid Strategy Guide for beginners

I’ve used 3 Raid strategies in my time playing this game, and thought I’d share them for beginners.

The first is the classic Attack-Up/Defence-Down. Basically you use a hero like Boldtusk to cast Attack-Up for your team, then use a hero like Tiburtus to cast Defence-Down for the enemy, then slice and dice!

The second is Mana control. Here you try to stop the enemy from firing by limiting their mana.

Lastly, Proactively managing the Defence (my current strategy). This is a bit more complex, but basically use Malosi and Bai Yeong to prevent damage occurring to your team.

You can read a more detailed guide for them all here: The Ultimate Raid Strategy Guide For Beginners (Empires and Puzzles) • OLD CYNIC

Hope it helps!


I’ve put together part 2 of my Empires and Puzzles guide for beginners. This one focuses on Colour Stacking.

I cover Rainbow, Mono, 4-1, 3-2, and 2-2-1…

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Very nice blog - well-structured, clear and visually attractive. Hope more people give it a try, is very useful for beginners.

I left some comments over there, not sure if you got them or not, as they did not appear after I submitted them. I will recommend it to people when it’s needed :slight_smile: And maybe you start doing some youtube videos, especially war videos :slight_smile:


Thank you Seeker, I appreciate it. I hold all comments for review, and I was sleeping, but they’ll be up soon.

I was going to start YouTube, but I wanted to create some good posts for people to read first. Thanks again Seeker!


I like to support new content creators, especially if it is good. While there is a lot of content on E&P, some is becoming too commercial


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