Raid defense team - why the 3*?

Serious question here: Since the raiding loot tiers were introduced, I see a TON of teams right around the gold/platinum barrier with a team composed of: 3^60, 4^70, 4^70, 4^70, 4^70.

Why the one 3*? I don’t get it. Is there some strategy involved here?

If they’re trying to make a weaker defense team to keep cups lower, why bother with the 4^70s? I run a defense team of 4^1, 4^1, 4^1, 4^1, 4^1 (around 2000 team power) in Platinum, and I haven’t been attacked (other than “revenge” attacks) in several days.

It may be because it is the right composition to stay in a rank border (and get in the highest rank just in time to fill their chest), or simply a random composition only to drop cups.

It surely have more sense leave a hero at 3/60 rather then 4/1, cause you no invest ascension items on him if you don’t feel like is a good investment.

For example those players don’t have 4* hero to fill the position. Of the don’t have a 4* with some specials (healer, debufer etc.)

I used to put up a team that was strong enough to not get farmed by lower teams, but low enough I could drop cups. I didn’t want my cups to go TOO low, or I’d be raiding people that didn’t have leveled up watchtowers, thus no resources.

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Did you mean 3-50?, not 3-60, or did u mean another 4* leveled only to last tier? e.g. 3-60…Assuming it is the first, maybe they don’t have that last 4*, fully leveled. A fully leveled 3* might be the next best thing. That would be my guess.

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