Rage 2.0 We are exactly the opposite. Looking for more friends to join us

We’re an easy going bunch with our only rule being to use all your flags if you opt into war. Obviously we’d love you to hit Titans and participate in various alliance events. Come and hang with us for a while. We’re very accepting of everyone, no matter what level you’re at. The door is open, let yourself in. You’ll be most welcome

Something we haven’t had for a while is happening now. So advice for anyone reading this, always check on the chat to see if there’s anything you have missed from your alliance. Come and check us out. We’re easy going but trying to build. So if you want to hang and grow with us, let yourself in. The door is open.

Just joined the alliance as SophieDog!

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We really happy that you have us a chance. Hope you’ll enjoy being with us.

We have 8 spaces for more friends. Come and hang with us for a while. Hopefully you’ll want to stay. Either way, you’re very welcome. Come on in, the door is open.

We have been so fortunate with new friends joining. We have 7 slots left. Come hang with us for a while. The door’s open

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Still just the 7 slots open. We’ve got new and experienced friends. Come check us out and chill a while. The door is open.