Looking for a chilled fun Alliance? Rage 2.0 is looking for friends

Despite our name, we’re pretty easy going. Friends come and go but quite often stay in touch. Players grow with us and can learn from more experienced players. Our only request is that if you opt in to war, please use flags. We know sometimes life happens and we all have one outside of the game. The door is open. Come check us out.

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Question for people. What do you look for in an alliance? How can we make it more attractive to join? Come and meet us.

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It’s been really great to have a few visits lately and even some new joiners. Come and meet us, stay a while and hopefully we can enjoy each other’s company.

Hi! I’m at level 3800 with between 1300 and 1700 trophies depending. What ranges of levels are your players? Right now, I’m struggling to find the right alliance for me. Most of the alliances I find are great, but I can’t keep up with wars bc the other players are much more advanced than I am.

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We have a mix of players. Our lowest level was 28 but he’s coming up. I think our highest is 92. Durin Bane, our least level helps out cleaning up in wars. Because we have such a mix, we also get lower level opponents in wars. Come and check us out. You would be welcome and get to learn from the higher levels.

We have a few places open. Come check us out. We’re easy going and write active in chat. We use Telegram for messages but no absolutely necessary. It certainly helps when there are a few flags left in the wars though and we need to get a message out.

We’re honoured to have had a few new friends join us and we still have space for a few more yet. Come check us out. Stay a while and have some fun with us.

Currently taking down a 10* Titan. With your help, we can grow together. We’ve still got a few places for new friends.

We’re just about to enter the next war. Come and check us out. We’ve had our share of losses but we’re pleased to have had several new friends in the past few days. The door is open.

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Just coming to the end if the war now. Now’s the perfect time to join us if you want to be in the next war with us. We look guard to meeting you.

We won the last war. Currently taking on 10* titans. With you on board, we can take on bigger ones. Come grow with us or just hang out for a while. The door is open, come on in. Rage 2.0

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We’ve had some really lovely friends join. We have 11 spaces still available. We’re an easy going group, knowing that our friends actually have a life outside the game. We’re currently easily taking 10* titans and our friends request that when you log on, hit the Titan if you have energy. If you opt into war, use all flags. That’s it. Come check us out. We have an open door.

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We still have a few spaces. Come hang out with us for a while. We have a very active chat birth in the game and Telegram where friends are happy to share advice.

We’re just coming to the end of the war. Join us in time for the next one.

We still have 11 spaces. Come hang with us for a while. Very active chat. The door is open.