Rage 2.0 Looking for new Alliance team mates

We’re a friendly Alliance (Rage 2.0) looking for new members. We had a few inactive members and an inactive leader who we couldn’t get through to and so formed our own alliance. We are an easy going bunch from all over the world and we work well together. We would love to meet new friends and be able to get further in the various events and quests. Come and join us, you’ll be most welcome.

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How many players do you have?

We currently have 12.We really would love to be able to advance more and the only way we can see is with more members.

Hey, did you think about a merger? Recruiting is pretty hard. Especially for smaller teams. We’re at 18/30, so I know it first hand.

We just got two more players. That’s taken us up to 14 now. I think the team would merge perhaps.

I see you’re up to 15 now :slight_smile: If you have discord check us out insurrectionists. We’re a family of alliances so we will find home for everyone :smiley:

Thanks for the invite. I have joined. We’re up to 15 now. Still looking for more if anyone wants to come and check us out.

Kudos to starting a new alliance at this time. Sounds interesting. I’m touring the E&P universe, so I’ll be knocking at the door. :thinking:

Edit. The door was open, so I let myself in.


Thank you for joining us Sarah. We’re honoured to have you.

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You are too kind and it was your positivity that got me to join. It was only a brief stay, I left a parting message in chat. Good luck in war.

Ps. You’d make a great leader, as you lead by example. Good luck rebuilding - you’ve recruited some fantastic new recruits!

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Thank you Sarah. I appreciate your help and advice.

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We’re still looking to build our alliance. We haven’t got everything ironed out completely yet. As the team builds, we’re still learning but if you’re happy to grow with us, we’d love to have you on board.

We’re slowly building up. We are at 19 members now. Come and check us out and grow with us. We have players of various abilities.

We’re nearly at capacity now. We have just 7 spaces remaining. Come and check us out.

What’s the requirement for hitting Titans and War participation? And do you communicate off-game?

We try to encourage everyone to hit Titans but we realise people have a life outside the game also. If registered for war, it’s kind of an unwritten rule that we must try to use flags. Again, sometimes it happens where someone is at work and can’t get in in time. We have members from all over the world. We use Telegram to send reminders outside of the game.

Thanks! Are there communications more than just reminders? Talk of strategy? Discussions for advice on how to build a better team? I’m wondering b/c my current alliance has zero communication in and out of the game.

We are actually currently talking about just that. We’ve got some very experienced players who have come aboard. We’ve just been discussing which tanks to use and what our lineup should be. Most of this discussion is within the game. We use the messaging app just to send reminders.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my questions. I’m Lvl 46, with 2222 cups, my strongest team is 4942 power. I play daily. I think I’m outgrowing my team of whom only a 1/3 participate. I score the highest vs Titans almost every time and am 1st or 2nd in War. There’s zero communication and it can be a bit frustrating. Looking for another team–nothing crazy, nothing worth losing sleep over or spending $$$, but a team that participates and has some degree of strategizing & communication. I’ve only been playing > 1 year and could use advice on building better teams.

I think you’d fit right in. I have only ever spent once on the game. My strongest team is 5145 and am at lvl 59. We have some at lvl 92 and some down in the 40s. A wide range of players.