Purple Conundrum

Hello all,
I am at a stopping point with leveling a Quintus (he’s at 2/60). Just currently don’t have mats. I’ll get there at some point. But whilst I wait to obtain the mats to ascend him I have 3 other purple heroes to consider. Chochin, Jabbar, and Sabina. I know I’m keeping all 3 so who would y’all go with first? My thinking is Chochin would be quickest, I don’t have a character like Jabbar, and I have Rigard already as a 4* purple healer. So I guess do I do the quick hero or the unique one?

Also to ponder, I have a Sumitumo and an Ameonna fully leveled and since Chochin is Sakura family that would help that out (even though that’s 2 purples) pretty sure I have talked myself into Chochin lol

I would level Jabbar. He’s a fast hitter that blocks healing. Extremely useful in4* Raid tourneys and Field Aid wars. With Rigard maxed, I don’t see much use for Chochin on your team


I usually work on a 3* and a 4* of the same color at the same time but I’d suggest leveling up Chochin first, then Jabbar, then Sabina. Like you said, 3* are the quickest to max.


I would definitely go with Jabbar. My alt profile has him and he is a really good tank with a fast hitting attack that blocks a majority of healing. Really handy in areas of the game where healing would be spammed a lot.

So here I am a month later, have Chochin maxed and Jabbar to 3/60. Now I have another choice. I’ve pulled Guardian Panther and Proteus. I was able to get Quintus to the 3rd ascension and am currently working on getting him to 3/70. I also have a Balthazar, Cyprian, and still have that Sabina. I figure the advice is to stop summoning (I’ve decided I’m not summoning until Christmas special time at the earliest). I think I know what y’all would say, I think Proteus is someone everyone loves. Leaning that way. Thoughts?

Yes, stop Quintus for a while, save trap tools and switch for Proteus right away.
Then after Proteus max, Panther to 3.70.


Panther to 3/70 then max Proteus.

Proteus is your best shot atm. Do him. I use him every day and really enjoy the way he blocks mana and poisons the enemies.

Well my TC20 just threw me a curveball. My first 5* to come from it is Sartana! Now what? :joy:

That Sartana is a curveball in the dirt. Don’t chase it.

Proteus, Panther, Sabina, Sartana, Cyprian, Ba;thazar.

If you like riposte heroes, you can put Cyrpian in front of Sartana too. I might even do Balthazar before those last two if you don’t have one of him leveled and want a fast hitter in purple for 3* tourneys.

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Chochin then Sabina IMO

Love the baseball reference. I’m not chasing, thanks for the advice!

Proteus!!! Drop whoever you are leveling now and max out Proteus asap!!

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