Cohort is looking for members, aiming for top 100 and further!

Hey guys,

Are you interested in running Empire & Puzzles in a competitive way? Then Cohort is the right place for you. We are currently at 22 member and looking for 8 new. We taking down 10stars titans at the moment and right now we are trying to stay on those before we are ready to continuously take down 11stars titans. We have an alliance-wars record 12 wins and 1 loss. We took down 2 alliance in AW that was ranked 35th and 58th in the world. We starting to get a really good squad and our goal is to reach top 100 and further and we wonder if you want to come and fight with us for that. The alliance is 7 weeks old and currently have +57000 titan score and +54000 trophy score on 23 members.

What we looking for is a player with:

  • Defensive Team Power 3800+

  • 20+ Playable 5/4-star heroes for Alliance War

  • Teamwork

  • Knowledge to share, willing to help*

  • Positive and an adult attitude

  • Fully participating in titans and alliance wars

  • Discord for checking our preparations

*In the alliance we are working hard together to help everyone get the best out of them. It can be about a set up or the board or how to work with your buildings etc.

If you have most of these qualifications and are a bit intense about the game we would love to talk to you! If you are interested of a competitive alliance with high goals, check us out on discord and leave a screenshot on your profile and your hero roster.

We look at the alliance best and not the individual shine. Feel free to join if you want to apply or just wants to hang around and chat with us!

Thanks for your time!

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