Need lots of advice on a teams

Hi everyone,

Finally I’m here. First of all thanks for lots of useful info I’ve found here.

Playing for a year. All seasons are completed on all levels. Top team power is 4073. I’m in diamond level in raids. So really cannot complain. But think that need a lot of advise on how to be more efficient.

First of all here are my heroes:

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Right now my strategy is next:

Use rainbow as a defense team:
Rigard, Isarnia, Tarlak, Marjana, Joon.

So question 1: should I reshuffle it somehow? (leveling up Wilbur as a next red - should I use him?)


For the attacks on titans (my alliance is slow so it 6* sometimes 7* titians) I usually use Boltusk, Isarnia and Tarlak as a base and then just add some opposite color heroes:

  • Red titan: Frida, Richard, Kiril (replaces boltusk) + Isarnia and Tarlak
  • Green: Marjana, Lancelot + Boltusk, Isarnia and Tarlak
  • Blue: Liana, Little John + Boltusk, Isarnia and Tarlak
  • Purple: Chao, Joon + Boltusk, Isarnia and Tarlak
  • Yellow: Sartana, Domitia, Tiburtus (replaces Isarnia ) + Boltusk and Tarlak

Only changes I plan right now is to level up Guardian Falcon for green titan instead of Lancelot.

So question 2: what should I reshuffle ? For example ascend Cheshire Cat and replace Tiburtus?


Leveling up. Here are my plans (please note that I have only 2 blades left and one will go to Frida):

Purple: Working on Sartana, after planning finish Tiburtus, Merlin, Sabina, and Domitia (her only to 3-70). Not sure what to do With Ameona and Cheshire cat.
Yellow: Working on Leonidas to 3-70. Find WuKong and Danzaburo useless (have Tarlak)
Red: Working on Wilbur, then Falcon. Not sure what to do next: Have Lancelot, Colen, Kelile, Anzogh, Gormek, Sumitimo, Scarlett…
Blue: Working on Frida to 4-80. Then probably Thorne to 3-70, Finish Boril. Not sure what to do with Misandra and Sonya.
Green: Not working on any specific hero - have only 8 shields. As per screens not sure whom should I need next.

So question 3: what heroes should be next for which scenario (raid/titan).



Question is which heroes should I leave ?


Future plans. For some reason really badly want Vivica, then replace Joon with her and Rigard with Sartana for rainbow defense. What possible combinations can I have assuming heroes from TC20?


Thank you everyone in advance.

I don’t see many Tarlak tanks and I don’t have him so can’t say why particularly.

I’d try Marjana as tank.

Maybe Sartana - Tarlak - Marjana - Isarnia - Joon

You’re roster has loads of good stuff but is a bit all over the place - you have Tibs, Sartana and Merlin all partly done but none finished.

Pick one of each colour and finish them, then pick another.

I would suggest you to swap formation into this:
Lianna - Isarnia - Boldtusk - Sartana - Joon

Other worthy heroes to level are Misandra, Richard, Zimkitha and Anzogh.

  • Red titan: you are ok
  • Green titan: level Wilbur, replacing Isarnia
  • Blue titan: level Gadeirus and put him near Tarlak and Lianna, replacing Boldtusk
  • Purple titan: you are ok
  • Yellow titan: As you were saying you should level Tiburtus and replace Isarnia.

I would level Zimkitha but you should take into account that she isn’t better than you boldtusk for titans. I’d say to level a class in wich you lack power to complete class trials with ease.

I’m keeping all of my 4* and 5* duplicates hoping to use them into a new building.
Buying hero’s space is cheap and summoning will likely gives you other duplicates.

Vivica is a useful hero and I use her pretty often, If you were to put her in a team Id say to try this (with your actual heroes):
Sartana - Vivica - Marjana - Isarnia - Lianna

I use Tarlak probably like meat - if manages to boost attack - good, if dies - at least other heroes got manna while he being attacked.

Usually it was just one hero leveled up till a point and then obtained a better one so decided level up that one not to waste time/resources and then again obtaining a better one… Never ending process.

Thank you for extended answer. Haven’t thought about Gadeirus against Titans. Should I use him for Bleu tanks in raids?. From my green heros - whom should level next ? After gadeirus I will have only 4 shields left?

Gadeirus could work against passive tanks but he usually suffer against damaging ones due to his slow speed.

As next green Id say that Peters could really be a good choice.

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