Pick my next projects!

I know we all love these posts :smile:

Assuming I have a deep roster, so I’m looking to add fun / useful additions, who would you choose for the next projects?

My inclination to date is to get them all to 3/70 and then choose but that’s a lot of time, feeders and food and while some of them are there, some still at 1/1.

I would appreciate everyone’s thoughts so I can use some sooner rather than later (where’s the 3/70 playground when you need it?)

For reference, I’m more of a synergy + rainbow player than a 7-tile smasher. I like niche and strategy.

:red_circle: Fire

  • R & N
  • Xenda
  • Serandite
  • Hohenwerf
  • Otis
  • Erebus

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:large_blue_circle: Ice

  • cSnowwhite
  • cMagni
  • Adalinda
  • Athena (no costume)

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:green_circle: Nature

  • Athos
  • Xendrella
  • Mist
  • Ahmose
  • Ma’at
  • Winifred

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:yellow_circle: Holy

  • Nemesis
  • Queen Guowang
  • Papyros
  • Zhuge Liang

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:purple_circle: Dark

  • Anubis
  • Khonshu
  • Kemeny
  • Belladonna

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Second consideration, I only have 6 Dblades and tomes and have moved to VC2P (Occasional PoV) so are there any that should be prioritised from them all?


As you can’t edit the poll after 5 minutes:

It’s :large_blue_circle: C2Magni and :green_circle: Mistweaver (obvs not Mist).

Serendite is a PITA to raid against. I love Mistweaver. That antiheal ailment is great, requires priority cleanse. Queen G can also be a PITA to raid against. Anubis just looks fun.

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So far it’s very interesting.

:red_circle: I’d expected a strong showing from Serandite but that is a commanding lead.

I expected a few more votes for Erebus and R&N, too.

:large_blue_circle: Adalinda was always going to lead this, but again a stronger than expected showing.

:green_circle: the most contested crowd. Honestly didn’t think Ma’at would be as high, and that Mistweaver / Wini would have more votes.

:yellow_circle: Yeah, but again a larger than imagined lead for QG.

:purple_circle: Along with Nature, I was most intrigued by this. It’s fluctuated quite a lot and after an early positive start, Belladonna has dropped.

Thanks for your votes so far!

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Ok, coin pulls in S5 just got me Sobek and Meresank.

Does that alter anyone’s thoughts? Sobek ahead of cSnowwhite? Meresankh ahead of Nemesis?

Congrats on the pulls!

Personally, I would put Sobek ahead of cSnow White, just on account that his sdamage is more consistent and at a faster manaspeed. Whilst cSW is fine, she is still a situational hero nonetheless


Thanks! Yeah, that’s what I figured. It also means that my personal second choice for green behind Xandrella (Wini) probably necessarily takes a back seat due to emblems.

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