Which 5* Project Next?

So I still have plenty of heroes at 3/70, Acidfire and Uwe, to name 2, and they are next to ascend, but I am still short of 3 tabards (I get a tome soon from the next rare quest). But, while I wait, I have lots of feeders just sitting and doing nothing from the Atlantis Rises.

May as well take someone else to 3/70 while I wait, but who?
All of the below are at 1/1 and my intention is just to take them to 3/70 and have “some” use with them if I can.

I put them into elements and you can vote one in each, or just vote for 1 total if you have an obvious choice above all others.

(If I haven’t added (+ Costume) then they don’t have a costume, unfortunately).

  • Set
  • Umbria
  • Anoushka
  • Uthragan
  • Anubis
  • Dr Moreau
  • Salmon loki
  • Guardian Panther
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  • Horus
  • Aviana
  • Ephyra
  • Papyros
  • Celidana
  • Norns
  • Sif
  • Inaria
  • Drake Fong (+ Costume)
  • Guinevere
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  • Athena (+ Costume)
  • Gladius (duplicate)
  • Mist
  • Areax
  • Aino (+ Costume)
  • Suzuna
  • Balur
  • Krampus (+ Costume)
  • Frosth
  • Lord Loki (+ Costume / Duplicate)
  • Fenrir
  • Misandra
  • Frida
  • Richard (+ Toon + 2 Costumes)
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  • Edwin
  • Leadria
  • Cinisia
  • Viselus
  • Eiora & Fluffy
  • Alberich
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  • Zarga
  • Flip (Duplicate)
  • Skargremar
  • Gefjon
  • Red Hood
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Richard Toon seems the obvious choice being the only one somewhere close to meta.
But generally speaking lots of great blues! Athena is still titan meta.
Krampus with apha taunt.
Aino as a great healer…
LoLo well would be worth it if you didn´t have 17 other great options.
Who is Mist? I only know a yellow 4star of that name…

In other colors.
Do you need a healer in yellow? Ephyra is good for that, otherwise Drake(with C) is interesting, especially if you can fire him in 6 tiles.
Purple Umbria is the one standing out.
Red and Green are no must haves depending as always on your existing roster.


Bunch of good heroes!
My suggestion of order:
:red_circle: Red Hood, Zarga, Gefjon, Skagemar, Flip
:large_blue_circle: Richard(with all 3 costumes), Athena, Loki, cAino, Frida, cKrampus, Suzuna, Areax, Mist (rest don’t level)
:green_circle: Edwin, Leadira, Alby, E&F, Viselius, Cinisia
:yellow_circle: Celidiana, Horus, Aivana, Ephyra, cDrake Fong, Papyros, Norns, Guin.
:purple_circle: Umbria, Anubis, Uthragan, G. Panther, Set, Salmon, Moreau, Babushka
Game Well :art:


I meant “Misty” from BeachParty, my bad :rofl:
Just missed the “y” when typing.

If I edit the poll now to change the name it will reset the poll right?

no idea

Didn´t think of her, she´s rather rarely seen…Definitely another descent hero. I was thinking Mistra, but I guessed she wouldn´t be on that list :smiley: A lot of “misty” heroes.

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