Out of the Alliance during the war

Good day! Faced problems when leaving the alliance during the war. The problem is that during the preparatory stage, he left the alliance (twinkle), after which he glowed on the field as a “former member.” But as soon as I returned to the alliance, I participated in the war and glowed on the field as an active player. During the war, after 6 attacks, having gained 522 points, I needed to withdraw from the alliance to help a friend and come back. When I returned to the field it is written that I am a “former member” My glasses are not present and I am in observer mode And I, too, will probably lose the trunk. Is this how it should be? Attached screenshots.

Addition: The war is over. My percentage of participation was 64%. There are no awards either. ((((Although it was described in the update that you need to take part in the war of another alliance …

Yea, it works exactly like that - if you join another alliance, you lose your participation %.
Is this how it should be? idk :slight_smile:

The fact of the matter is that if you leave the alliance during the preparation stage and come back, then you both take part in the war and save your%, but if you quit it during the war, it turns out like this. Just why does this work that way?

У нас в але так чел делал всё нормально было. Потом ещё раз также и всё гуд

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