How many Alliances?

How many alliances can you be in at one time?

One. I think you can merc. But I’m not sure how.

You can only be in one alliance at a time with one account. To merc you have to leave your present alliance and join the alliance you want to help.

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Thank you both!

What do I lose if I leave an alliance?

You loose war chest points if you leave the alliance before opening the chest.

You lose your AW chest progress … every time you out.
And you can mess your chance to join the AW at all.

So I should stay in the Alliance I am in right now until the War scheduled for tomorrow is over…
Will be my first war… Yea I know such a Newbie right… LOL

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If you left your alliance your points will be reseted back to 0.
You don’t wanna lose the loot.
Let some one else merc xD

I dint even know what Merc is I’m just bored with the one I am in … first one…

Merc is a player (Strong one) who jump between alllies to help killing titans for loot.

LOL So not me!!!
and now those stupid dots…
This 20 rule is so freakin stupid!!!

I always respect players who wait until a war is over before they leave. They’ve already been included in the matchup and if they leave during a war their team remains an easy target on the field, without the benefit of helping to score points.

For me, it’s just a courtesy and good-manners.

I think you wrote on another post about about being a new player and I recommended that you find a good teaching alliance. There is certainly nothing wrong with you making a post in the alliance recruitment category asking to join a good, teaching alliance, and while you’ll get swamped with offers, you may find one you like that will welcome you after the war.


Takes a bow…
LOL bit seriously thank you!