Onatel or Jean Francois

Should I remove emblems from Onatel and give it to Jean Francois

My suggestion with emblems & emblem priority is always:
{War Defence} > {Versatility} > {everything else}

So first priority is (IMO) your war defence team.

Next after that are the heroes who you use the most in the most places (Normal Defence, Raid Teams, Tournaments, Titans etc…)


In my honest opinion, and I have both these heroes, I would leave the emblems on Onatel.
Onatel is in both my war defence team and my raid defence team. She is also included in my yellow stack team.
Good luck


I don’t think Onatel needs emblems to be useful in raids where JF could use them to help him survive longer. I would put them on JF unless Onatel is on your defense.

Judging from my experience with both in raids and war, Onatel can be very tough, and can instill fear, JF not so much. So, based on that, I’d leave the emblems on on Onatel. But, as always, it depends on what else you have.

IMHO, Onatel all the way…

I have Ursena on 19 emblems, Delilah is 18, Frida is 18, Mother north is 28. I don’t have fast red hero in defense team. I put Azlar in and he’s in 17 emblem level. Should i put Onatel instead of Azlar?. My Inatel in 18 emblems

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