Wizard Emblem.. Sartana or Jean-Francois?

Hello everyone…

I am having a bit of a problem in a hard decision making I need to make.

I have Onatel… and put all the emblems of Wizards I have on her. She is my flank (flanking Ursena) for a very long time. Then comes Jean-Francois and Sartana. These two came at around the same time (or plus minus a month I think). I powered level both and then reset Onatel… and put all the emblems on Jean-Francois.

My Defensive Line-Up used to be:

Marjana - Lady of the Lake - Ursena - Onatel - Kingston

My current Defensive Line-Up is:

Marjana - Vela - Ursena - Jean Francois - Kingston

As you can see… I swapped out LotL and Onatel… and in turn have them replaced with Vela and Jean-Francois.

Now here’s the problem…

  1. I recently used Vela, Jean-Francois, Kingston, LotL and Lianna in Springvale and have them running auto on Normal difficulty. There are a few stages where Lianna was actually killed while most other heroes were almost dead. Well I thought this is normal since it’s running on Auto (been pretty lazy to get it done my self lately).

However on later stages (which should be harder then the previous ones) I swapped out Vela and JF… and put in Marjana and Sartana instead… just want to see what happen when I have 4 snipers + a healer and put them on auto. The result is magnificent. I sweep across from stage 10 all the way to 19 in a very short time with most heroes having at least 60% health.

This made me thinking. How efficient and useful is a Damage Over Time heroes really? Did I make a mistake in having the emblems on Jean-Francois when what I should have done was put the emblems all on Sartana?

  1. My mono team consists of Wilbur - Boldtusk - Guardian Falcon - Mitsuko - Marjana.

These has been my go to Mono Red team in both wars and raids if I ever want to use a red mono. Here’s the problem.

I tried hard to have Jean-Francois replacing any of the line up above. What’s the used of having an emblemed red heroes when I don’t use him fully in offense no?

Of the line up above… only Mitsuko was not emblemed. Not even +1. But then… putting JF there means he won’t be able to make use of the Elemental Defense Down effect from Guardian Falcon.

I can also have JF replacing Guardian Falcon… but then I’ll lose out his effect which can be very beneficial to both Mitsuko and Marjana.

I can just let the team be as it is but then I feel like the emblems on JF will kinda be wasted.

  1. My Defense Team.

As I have stated before… my current Defense Line up is :
Marjana - Vela - Ursena - Jean Francois - Kingston

As of now this Defensive Line up has been working wonderful. I can safely say that out of 10 attacks on me… I can get a win of around 7. Ofcourse there are some loses… but this is way better then when I was using LotL and Onatel to flank my Ursena.

However I am afraid that pulling the emblems from JF and putting them on Sartana will jeopardize my Defense Team.


So… what are your thoughts on this issue?

Auto farming… don’t think much of it when your letting the computer do the thinking but, if your focus is using heroes for maps and quests on semi conscious auto mode then sure do what works… more then likely you’ll get your shirt together for raids and wars and yes Vela and JF are better for the emblems

Yes I have been thinking the same thing all this time…

Its just surprising to me that a composition of AoE Damage Over Time heroes would lose compared to a 4 sniper + healer composition.

Running auto can be seen as a simple benchmark. Since running 4 snipers + healer seemed to be winning more harder stages compared to running 2 AoE DOT + 2 snipers + 1 healer which were struggling even in less harder stages of Springvale… does this mean that having a 4 snipers + healer is a much better option? And if yes… should I remove emblems from JF and have them on Sartana instead?

It’s not guy… your doing the map stages where monsters have more health. Your snipers are hitting whoever but your aoe guys could be choosing corner guys and only hitting 2 instead of three or possibly one if the middle monster is gone on a three monster stage. But hey, whatever… we could “de-bone” you and you could sit there like a “blob” auto farming collecting great data for us … ( just joking please don’t take offence)

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I have JF and Sartana maxed with emblems shared between them but not Onatel.
Honestly, I am more scared of facing Onatel when raiding compared to Sartana or JF.

She’s a pain with the mana absorb and direct damage as well.

JF is useful in countering /protecting from defense debuff enemy heroes (Isarnia, Wilbur, etc).


Demm so many people talk about how good Onatel is. Did I make a mistake resetting her from +12 and giving the emblems to JF? Hahaha…

Thanks for your response.

As of now… with @Texas1970 comment as well… I’ve decided to focus the emblems on JF thus Sartana will stay maxed with zero emblems.

But splitting the emblems between JF and Onatel now seems like a good idea lol. I still have 7 Reset Emblems I don’t know what to do with…

I love Onatel as well. Very good with a 23 mana troop.

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