Omnia Harvester 23-9, comparison to normal stage


I have done 100 runs in 23-9 with Omnia Harvester:


Thanks for all you do for the community @Pois1. It really is greatly appreciated.


Thank you Papa, any kind word is really appreciated as well.
As the whole country is in the quarantine and I can’t really go anywhere (also it started to snow!) I thought I give the omnia harvester one hell of a go.
These are hard times, so let’s find yourselves some fun things to do, like farm the whole day like a crazy person :rofl:

btw: I keep getting a ton of fine steel which is not supposed to have an increase drop in Province 23, strange RNG.

RNG insanity strikes again:
First 40 runs: 17 fine steel, 14 grimoire dust
Next 40 runs: 9 fine steel, 23 grimoire dust


Interesting stuff as always @Pois1. Unfortunately I’m involved with emergency response and disinfecting potentially affected building throughout PA, NJ and DE. So working helps keep my mind off of the strange times we are living in, as do your experiments. I’m staying at a hotel as to not bring anything untoward home to the family so I find myself with extra, uninterrupted time to play or peruse the forums. I of course also stay up WAY too late for this old body :joy:

I was honestly hoping these would be viable for season 2 and able to be used during Atlantis Rising. Since I cannot think of a better time to start using them I believe this weekend will be it. If I find anything unusual, and if I have the time to note all my findings, I’ll make sure to get them to you. Not like I really have much else to do at night.


Thank you for checking this and showing how it works. Unfortunately, for me this only prooves that all these harvester things are plain useless, definitely not delivering compared to the tier of the rewards they are at. Why limiting to season 1 only? This is the biggest downside to these items. Because what, people would “abuse them” during Atlantis Rises? So what? Getting extra 200k food and iron and farmable ingredients as a result of the abuse? I don’t get it…

The world energy potential I would waste on Season 1 farming for 24 hours is far more valuable to me than this extra modifier to its loot…


Think they just wanted to increase some value of s1 since it’s becoming more and more irrelevant to players that can farm enough during AR to not Have to farm again for a month outside of filling monster chests

But yes i feel it missed the mark as well

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really, the only time I use them is when they force me to do S1 farming with a PoV Daily.

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This 1000x. Not even close to being worth flasks/refills. And this Omnia Harvester is the second best prize in POV? thanks I hate it :smirk:

Thank you @Pois1 for doing the dirty work here, very thoughtful of you to share your findings.

I think you’re probably right, but I also think their concern about this sort of thing is unnecessarily misplaced. It’s just not a strong enough return to justify such tight restrictions, imo.


What was the reason that I even went for this crazy run:

  1. I farm only 23-9 all the time because I am an XP oriented player
  2. I am in a desperate need of iron, upgrading my house to lvl 10 and wanting to upgrade the Lodge as well
    Omnia Harvester was the perfect choice for me.

As far as the quality of the PoV rewards go: Well, for me the food and iron bundles are the best. I mean, who doesn’t need those? Thousands of new heroes in TCs all the time, troops, embleming, all those things… Constant need of resources.

For the newly introduced rewards, I agree. Those food bundles were clutch while farming Pirates rare 3 (I’m an xp junkie too), with all the feeders and recruits coming in but no food. Even managed to save two of the big bundles for the next one. I feel conditioned to get excited about the flasks, trainers, and coins for pulls but the resources bundles might actually have more value towards my team’s progress than any of those alone.

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Did you really got 140 golden nuggets??? I’m there too on 23-9 all the time. And don’t receive that much…

It is price in WE, not the number of items. The higher the price the rarer the item.

i have a odd question, do we have use all the harvesters relics before the next POV start or will they combine?

It is an item like any other. If you get second, third or fourth, it does not matter. You can use them whenever you want. No items will disappear. You cannot combine any harvester relics, you can have only one active at a time, it is in the item description.
If you use, let’s say a food harvester, it is active for 24 hours and then you can use another harvester.

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many thank you, you guys are awesome thank you

Using an Omnia one for the first time

Good idea but didn’t translate well in reality

Is it better to farm 17-1 for Iron as you only spend 5 WE and get an average of 11290

You are right. It all depends on what your goal is.
My goal is always XP.
When I farm I do this stage and this stage only so I tried the omnia harvester here.

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