New relics : positively (un)impressed

I’ve been using the items harvester relic for about an hour now.
After two flasks worth of WE on season 1 map stages, I have collected 0 (zero) hardwood lumber, which is the item I am mostly looking for.
The ratio seems lower than without the relic, which is disappointing (to say the least).
I don’t think I’ll bother farming more in the remaining time.
Anyone with experience on those so far ?


Of all the things introduced by the Path of Valor, the harvesters seem almost entirely pointless. They are worse than Atlantis Rising I think. Happy to be proved wrong if any of you maths wizards have run numbers


i used food harvestor, and i couldn’t farm enough food to cover the costs of putting the recruits to training


I used the iron relic in 17:1 and got an average of 11k each run vs 7.8k normally. I did use a number of WE flags and would recommend raiding to accumulate more iron instead. Example loot from @Expired.

I also used the grimoire dust relic, but this was much harder to find. I wasted too many WE flags to find very little dust - very disappointed! :sob:

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are you saying relics affect raiding? Or just that raiding is better for farming?

Ummm… If you’re wanting iron, you get more iron raiding. 30k vs 11k. I’ll clarify my post above. Thanks :thinking:

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Agreed. Farming Atlantis rising yields better results

For me personally I don’t think there’s much point comparing the harvesters to Atlantis Rises… That is by FAR the best and most efficient farming…

HOWEVER, AR is only around for 3 days every month… So what do you do / where do you farm outside of AR?

For later Game players we have finished the maps so no progress to make there. We also don’t tend to do most of the common quests either as they have rather low returns on WE for anything but experience.

So most of your World Energy is spent on simple farming…

For me, I farm 5-8 A LOT. I farm it for backpacks, nuggets and troops (best spot per #barry_farmz_here guide).

I think the best use of the harvesters (and intended purpose) is to accentuate these “outside AR” farming activities.

Personally I’ll be using mine when there are no upcoming quests/ events (check out @Novo’s #calendar) to make the best use of the flags I will be spending on farming anyways :slight_smile:


I understand 8-7 is not the best spot to farm food, but, with relics the way they are, not worth it to switch spots because of it.

assuming you don’t waste a single WE, 24 hours = 144 WE = 48 runs, the food relic is effectively equal to less than 30k food. Again, assuming we don’t waste a single WE.

I think the harvesters are mostly for low level players that can’t burn a few loot tickets on Atlantis 27-10 when their over-40 WE tank is full. Once Matlantis is part of your calender, you’ve outgrown the S1 boosts.

My take exactly. That said, these harvesters are really nothing to write home about. Better than nuthin, but not by much. Haven’t seen a genuinely positive post about them yet.

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Except the lower level players can’t get them because they’re too high on the rewards. And almost entirely premium.

At the very least they should double the rewards. Probably triple.

Change the item harvester to guarantee the items that are higher frequency in that province maybe?


excellent idea ! I’d love that

Haven’t used one yet and no idea when I actually will. very doubtful I’d waste a flask on it aswell as guvnor said prob best to use it on a day with nothing else going on like after trials this week as nothing after that, (to the calendar) and if you got more speare time on a day.