My farming guidelines

I have prepared an overview I am using for gameplay.farming


Impressive chart! Thank you for sharing this.

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Good job !!! One more of your threads to bookmark for me :grinning:
Thanks a lot for these various one stop shop visual artifacts that you are creating, combining multiple aspects of the game and useful info in it. Great help to us.


Thank you very much, also in the name of our alliance!

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This is awesome, thanks!

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Thank you for your excellent work and your generosity.


I noticed that Monthly Event Beginner level 2 gives 862xp for two energy.

431xp/energy seems to be much higher than anything on the world map.

Downside is you only get 2 recruits per clear of that stage.

That is right. On the world map you can get max. 405,3 per energy in 23-11 which is the Dark Lord stage.

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