Offense and defense team

Right now I’m using this team for def and attack from left to right - Caedmon, BT, Boril, Wu kong, Seshat. All 20 talents, except Seshat 7.
I have Vivica, Joon and Jean-Francois maxed.
Any suggestions about what heroes to use and their positions?

It’s a nice enough defense as it is, but you’re probably between gold and platinum yeah? The other fives you have are generally ok in defense, well definitely Joon and JF. Problem is you don’t really have a five star tank. JF is probably the closest.

Perhaps you could try

Seshat Caedmon JF Boril Joon

Are there any other options?

The secret to attacking in my opinion is don’t take rainbow - stack the tank, the dangerous flank, or both. I always select my team based on what it faces, and generally use 3-2, 4-1, or mono. From your post I’m not sure you have that depth yet, but working towards that is the key to successful raiding IMO

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