Offense team - which way to go?

My def team now is Caedmon (19talents), BT (20), Boril (20), WuKong(20) and Seshat(7).
Only one that’s staying put for sure is of course Seshat.
As you can see I’m one of those “all colors” type. I would like to keep it that way in the future. Major improvements ahead…
Joon is waiting for his last mat and soon he will be maxed. He’ll take WuKong’s place. Question is, should I give WuKong’s talents to Joon or he’s OK without them?
Jean-Francois is on his way to the top too. Is he good enough to replace BT? Quite frankly, not to impressed by JF. And if yes, I’m gonna need a healer. Can do without it. Kashhrek instead of Caedmon? Or Kiril instead of Boril.
I’m sorry if this is too confusing :slight_smile:

With the heroes you listed I would suggest you to ascend them all and give your monk’s emblems to Joon.

Jean-François is a very good tank, so I wouldn’t go with Kashhrek but with Kiril and Caedmon.

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Strip Wu Kong. The monkey don’t need emblems. Joon does. On defense use Seshat and Joon on wings, BT and JF on flanks and Boril as tank. I would bet that team will keep you in diamond most of the time.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate your input. Talents to Joon then :slight_smile:
About Joon, -40% accuracy affects only him or the whole team?

it effects the hero he hits. Not allies.

It says “chance to miss also applies to offensive special skills”. So I wonder if it applies only to Joon’s SK’s or the whole team…

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only his skill. But he doesn’t have -40% miss chance. He applies a -40% miss chance when he fires his special.

This means that the special skill of the hero he hits also can miss with the special, not just tiles.

Thanks King :slight_smile:

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