🔵 [Oct 6, 2019] Trials of Piety Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

My current guess is that it has always been possible for it to show up. Like the ETT for Find Recruits II. The chance is probably just really, really low… I don’t think they select ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for the ETT from recruits, it is just random. Either we all get it or none of us do, but it is random if it is there or not.


But it is not random for uncommon finding recruits. One has, one doesn’t, always alternates. This is why I ask @zephyr1 if has any info about the rate of appearance. This trial has the emblem for everyone, is not random.

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If it was every other for Recruits, why is there a thread to confirm? Why is there a question beforehand on whether the current one will have one? The thread says 50% chance…

It strikes me as random. Just the same random result for everyone. Either it will have one for everyone or no one. There is a certain % chance that it will pop up. If yes, it is yes for everyone. That is random…

I would like a clearer answer, too… I’m just guessing there is a really low chance for the trials and this is the first one to pop.


Seems to be that everyone is getting it. I have no idea if this will become a regular thing.


Well, I don’t know about thread. Since 13 months playing I was tracking uncommon finding recruits and always one has the token, one doesn’t.

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I feel like it would be mentioned if they alternated.


Very old thread. I wasn’t here then.I started this game in August last year and even since ALWAYS the uncommon finding recruits had the ETT (though unlisted), once at two appearances. Last time we had. Next uncommon quest will not contain the token. And so on… I didn’t know about thread and all the players I’ve been together in alliances so far, know this thing, once has, once doesn’t.

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They don’t. No apparent pattern has ever been identified.


Wu, Li Xiu, Boril, Rigard, SwitchEd Mnesseus for Wilbur. Which, I didn’t realize immediately, left me with exactly 1 hitter and Li of all Heroes…

Anyway it went smoothly with Boril repost helping immensely but the real heroes were Wu and Wilbur dealing out the tile damage and mitigating Joon’s devastation.


Same team

Plenty of healing with Vivica and Rigard, and plenty of firepower with Wu Kong amplifying Jabbar and the Hatter. I don’t have a Wilbur (one of the many Atlantis heroes that elude me). For the final battle I brought arrows, bombs, and dragons. Only had to use two dragons though. I eliminated them from left to right this time. They got rid of Vivica first and proceeded to concentrate on Jabbar next, eliminating him as well. But in the end victory was mine! The cleric emblems will go to Vivica and I haven’t assigned monk emblems to any hero yet. The trainer hero will go to Poseidon. I also received a reset emblem and was pretty excited about that.


Gafar is great at this trial. Don’t you have him? With him, you start from the right side, with Joon, hitting only before Tuck and the hero won’t ever heal in this way :slight_smile: I have no good heroes on my alt. What to do with Li, 2xRigard and Wilbur? No fire power. But Gafar fixed this nicely :slight_smile:


This was one of the easier trials for my current roster. This is the team I used.



Although I didn’t put the entry, team last time same as before : Leo 3/70, Wilbur +4, Kunchen +5, Joon 4/57, Rigard +3

Same team, Just minor difference this time : Kunchen +6 and Joon +4.

At this point, the board was somehow so I had to nuke them!
Afterwards boss Joon fired focusing on my Joon, other pats here and there before I could heal up got him killed.

Then I got Wilbur activated and then every blow was like a minor slap.

After Joon exited, the battle was handled by Wilbur and Leo; Leo hitting anything, reposte or not and self healing, Wilbur made the effect of reposte from tile damage just minor, since I had to lean a little more on tile damage. Meanwhile, faster healing from Rigard helped more.

Items : 4 axes, 3 carpet bombs, 1 dragon attack.
Then, the first time I noticed emblem reset button , nice

Vivica ate the trainer, all emblems and reset were sent to the bank for now.


Last Time Team

Last time, with 2nd try and use expensive items (Time Stop) and succeced.

My Team This Time

This time, Boril and Mnnesseus sit on bench. Rigard and Vivica joins. So big different now, from without healer, now join 2 healers.

The Battle

Good start at boss stages, all mana ready to fire, used one mana.

Wu Kong died, I did not mention him, but no problem. Healers and Wilbur make our allies survive longer, use all 5x bombs, because Wu is died and I do not want to wait so long :sweat_smile:


Emblem and Trainer keep for later, and Reset emblem (exited!) keep in inventory, currently I have 3 so far, and never use, maybe later.

Boss Video


My team this time:

  • Rigard +20
  • Li Xiu +10
  • Boril +3
  • Vivica 3^40
  • Leonidas 2^60

Compared to last time, I pulled emblems from Hawkmoon (who dropped off my trial team in favor of Vivica) and gave them to Rigard, who is now max emblemed. Boril started getting cleric emblems, and Li Xiu is up 3 talents.

Love Vivica’s heal+def for making the mobs easier. No need to use any healing potions at all through the mobs. Too bad Vivica is stuck at 3^40 while I max Onatel, then stuck at 3^70 until I get 6 more darts. Still managed to reach the bosses with all specials charged, although I have to hold Leo and Li to cut Friar Tuck’s mana. Used dragons and bombs, but Joon and Friar Tuck with that dang withstand made them less effective. Cut Friar Tuck’s HP down as far as possible until he charged, then unloaded the arsenal to take him down before he can heal everyone. All total, 2 dragons, 3 bombs, and 5 axes. That still left Joon and Boril with a little HP, but I got Joon with tiles and Boril with riposte, so no need for further items.

Cleric emblems leave Boril short of +4; Li Xiu goes up to +11. Trainer hero to Onatel. Also loving the reset emblem; makes the decision about whether or not to reset a little easier if there’s another potential source of reset emblems. I was down to one and debating on whether to reset Sonya for Thorne once he reaches max.


I wouldn’t, personally, but I’m not prioritizing 5* for Emblems at all.


Agreed, for now on my team any emblem, stays where it is, since my emblem allocations are strictly based on need basis.


My team: Rigard +19; Wilbur +19; Agwe 4/47; Wu Kong 4/70; Leonidas 4/80. No real problems. Used bombs, mana, and healing.

Rigard got to +20 after the trials. Not enough monk tokens to take Wilbur up… Joon, who’s still on the third tier, ate the trainer.


Unfortunately no @Scarecrow, otherwise I’d have certainly used him. Just Yunan, Hisan and Arman from that event.


Same team, same results.
Purple and yellow diamond took care of them all.

Emblems on the bench


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