🏯 [Oct 2020] Ninja Tower Event - FAQ & Discussion

No it has its own unique set of graphics :slight_smile:

You’ll have to wait and see :stuck_out_tongue:


and if i don’t want to wait , will you curse me? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


I said prob :wink: 20 ninjas

I see, but in case of the normal quest, the energy will fill continuously. However Ninja energy is limited as 10 per day similar as tournament. So, if I fail a stage and play again, I do not have Ninja energy at the end of the day and caanot complete the tower.
I want to know if I can fill energy with gems similar as tournament with 75gems.
Anyway, wait and let see.

I’ve seen talk about Tower is similar to Tavern…
I get all the other rules, the hero usage seems a little muddy

Does that mean…
once you used a hero, you cannot use that hero on subsequent stages?
Can you continue to use the same heroes for a certain number of levels or until they are cursed (does cursed mean they’re out/or do curses stack and you can continue using)?

Just trying to understand and have a strat going into this…

This is correct. You can use any hero as long as you want, but once they are permamently cursed twice, you cannot use them anymore.

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Yes, you get level 51 where Chuck Norris awaits you.


Thank you… that clears up a lot…
once they receive second curse… is it an immediate removal from battle, or do they get to finish the level?

Please check this:

It contains many useful details about this event. And yes, you will be able to finish battle, but for the next one you will have to replace a cursed hero.

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How periodic is this event will be? same as the other 4 events already?

It will occur every other month: in October, December, February and so on. It lasts 5 days.

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the awards are very awful !!! where are the avatars for 1-100 place ??? disgrace


Can the same heroes be used repeatedly on the whole tower or limited like TOL?

You can use them until Omni course eats them.

Rewards are so underwhelming only emblems are sort of ok.


Yea this is sad. Many games have towers which is awesome but they give great rewards for completing it. Another chance for E&P to introduce a new portal to milk your money.


Does antidote remove Oni Curse?

Is this overlapping Tavern of Legends?

When fighting a ninja who is on defense, at what point do they use their ability on you?

Do they use it upon first charge or wait until the third (max) charge?

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If this happen, then cleanser heroes are also can remove Oni Curse?
I don’t think so, but I can not confrim, because I’m not in beta.

No the only way to remove a curse is by matching the tile, or winning that stage, i.e. the oni stone is at 2 and you kill last boss, the curse is reverted.
Yes its overlapping but as it uses difrente energy won’t be a problem.


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