🔵 [Oct 13, 2019] Trials of Nature Teams – Share Yours & Discuss!

The following was my team and items used for this quest. It was a quick and short fight, nothing worrisome. The emblems went to Seshat and Caedmon. Trainer hero saved for possible future 5 star green (looking at you TC20). :grimacing:


Thank goodness, another straight forward Trial for me so I can spend more time relaxing on my Sunday :smile: plenty of green tiles to play with:


My team has changed A LOT in the past few months. It used to be Master Lepus, Jack O’ Hare and a bunch of Greens.

Now it’s Jack, Seshat, Gadeirus, Lepus and Melendor.

Beat the last stage with some mana potions and bombs to soften up the bosses. Healing was not enough to save Lepus and Jack from dying (the reduced defense hurts!) Seshat and Gadeirus survived in the end to win the emblems.


Did the first two emblems for chao n ceadom when his finished


Melendor & Gadeirus

Caedmon & Melendor

Not really…

Old Team:

New Team:

9 Healing Potions
5 Arrow Attacks
4 Bomb Attacks
2 Dragon Attacks



My roster for my main:

Roster for my alt:

Only did the first stage on my alt as 3 out of the 5 are very underleveled for the second stage. Alt did a lot better this time as last time I two manned it with Tibs and Sharana (the one star healer you get in the beginning of the game).

I had so much fun in this trial on my main because of the awesome fun combo of Brienne and Melia. Oh, man Horghall went down like a pile of bricks on stage one. Chao took a while as he is a fairly sturdy ranger. As soon as I got both Brienne and Melia off, both Lianna and Chao went down quick.

Emblems are being stocked for Tibs and Belith on my alt. Main is giving to Belith and Chao. Then when Chao hits +15 then gonna work on Tibs. Once Belith gets to +15 then Melia is gonna be worked on.

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My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

The Battle

It was pretty straightforward, although I was sleepy, so I lost Melendor during the Bosses, but it didn’t really matter with Evelyn’s Element Link healing and Gadeirus’s HoT.

Shiny New Emblems

Gadeirus stepped up once, but Tiburtus fell short.


Yunan ate the Trainer Hero, and is very slowly climbing up.


My Team Last Time: Lianna/Melendor/Tiburtus/Khagan(3/70)/Triton
My Team This Time: Lianna/Melendor/Tiburtus/Khagan(3/70)/Triton

-Yes, I have Melendor for a healer and I used Triton’s ability to boost the heal.
-Yup. Melendor both healed and dispelled Brienne’s buff.

-Nope, same team as last time.
-I used antidotes, a few minor heals and minor mana. One or two axes to lower the boss’s attack and make the slashes easier to take.
-Hoarding all emblems for now.
-Jack O’ Hare ate the trainer hero.


My team last time was Chao, Tibs, Caed, Mel and Lianna. This time I think I went with:

Mel, Triton, Tibs, Chao and Lianna.

Sry forgot to take screenshots, was too busy with the event :smiley:

It went very smooth with this combination, took out Brienne first, because of her Berserker buff (hurts most, because every hero hits harder), the rest was like a walk in the park. I liked that trial :slight_smile:

Who got the emblems? None yet, I’m too short of food and iron thanks to the event. I think Melendor could get some, he’s +4, but still much too squishy for my taste, he’s almost always dead before healing in wars. Melia, Belith and Brienne could get some more for the next events, too.
For the other emblems…I don’t know if I go further with Triton +7 or Chao/Tibs +4, they’re good enough for me at that point. Could spare them for Lianna or Jack O’Hare - so I’ll keep them for a while.

The trainer was eaten by Lianna :slight_smile:

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Was traveling home from vacation yesterday. Had time to complete the trial, but no time to post. My team this time:

  • Melendor +19
  • Tiburtus +18
  • Caedmon 4^70
  • Ranvir 2^60
  • Melia 3^50

Few changes compared to last time - Melendor up 2 talents, and Tiburtus up 1.

Markedly different results this time, though. Ranvir totally betrayed me, often causing Tibs to miss entirely. Without the def down applied, things got hairier than I was comfortable with. Entered the boss wave with only a couple of specials charged, and Tibs promptly missed two of the three bosses. Chao took down Caedmon (who was ready to fire) with his special, and ultimately, I think Melia and Melendor also fell. Still, I got through using only one bomb, one dragon, and a few healing potions, so I guess that’s a win. Ranvir giveth (last time) and Ranvir taketh away (this time).

Emblems take Tiburtus to +19, but Melendor falls short of +20. Still lack a decent green project, so the trainer hero goes to duplicate Little John, who is going to 3^60.

Related: While on vacation, I pulled Khagan from one of my TC20s, and while writing this post (two days later), I pulled another one from the same TC20. Perhaps the game is telling me that my problem with a lack of rangers is over? That the khan is the answer to my problems with this trial and the trial of serenity? The answer must wait until I finish the business of feeding Azlar (4^47), but it is an answer worth exploring, I think. The real loser there is Elena, who thought she was up next after Azlar, but my fighter depth is much better than my ranger depth.

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