November 2023 TENTATIVE Calendar (Trials, Rare Quests, Mirages Of Omega, Aether / Ascension Summons, Morlovia, Carnival Of The Gods, CoE (Dark), Underwild, Goblin Village, Atlantis, Tower Of Magic, Valhalla, Untold Tales, Dunes, Opera)

Thx for the updates again.


Another very last minute update, again…


@Zartanis :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:


Well i have 300 coins, i doubt im going to suddenly start getting lucky grom that but it would be nice.


They have multiple construct heroes that have not been released yet, so I wonder if what is released may be different? Thank you for your predictions as always

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Unless they change it early tomorrow morning (which I highly doubt), they don’t work overnight you know. They are still normal human with a social life (I mean, I hope so) and with a need to sleep too (hopefully too).


Thx for the updates.


thanks for the update @Elioty33

Seems weird that there is not a single new construct hero… oh well they are already recycling heroes on the pick up summons why am I surprised…

With this and Black Friday coming up next week they are really going all out to bring revenue …


I have updated my calendars to reflect the addition of the covenant summon.

Images Calendar and B&W Calendar by Zartanis (Updated November 15)

Credit Zartanis

Quick Reference by Zartanis (Updated November 15)

Credit Zartanis

French Calendar by Zartanis (Updated November 15)

Credit Zartanis


highly doubt this - i heard those SG guys live in basement in caskets during day and at night they feed on an essence of cooked dollar bills while developing about 30-50 new 5* heroes every night


thanks to all for sharing the info, and for (repeatedly) updating your calendars!!


Good heroes but not game changers.

Brimstone is great but I wouldn’t pull just for him

How much time until we see the goblins for

Being lucky enough to have all but Frond I am lucky enough to not spending a single pull :grin:

Saving tokens for next portal

The big question is…. SE, where are you :crossed_fingers: for early December

Hi @Zartanis thank you again your magnificent work and your changes are very useful I come with all modesty to give you feedback during my share that most of them don’t know the changes, is it possible to color or underline the changes?
Of course this is only a suggestion and not far from me a criticism for your magnificent work.

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wow, great info and great bunch of heroes, tempted to pull some, mere then in BF summon

and when i was willing to buy zynga store offer for 5 pulls theres no offer for conevant,

@PlayForFun any news if will be added covenant offers at store or they forgot it as ut was ladt minute added covenant summon to game

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I can ask Staff about this.


hahaha it seems last time, they added the offers a day too early, and this time, once again, they have forgotten. I am surprised at them forgetting something like this which can make them money, but hey they screw up a lot lately so nothing shocks me anymore

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Do these pick up summons happen every weekend or totally randomly?

I have received back an answer: