🔵 [Nov 11, 2020] Trials of Strength – Guide, Sharing & Discussion

link to plan. Dropped Gormek (redundant with Grimm) for Sir Lancelot.

Ended up using Boldtusk normal / Sir Lancelot / Shadereave / Grimm / Hu Tao

Like the name of the trial, the team is pretty strong because of all the buffs and debuffs on the team. And the 3 bosses are all also generally strong but frail… speed is essential, I don’t have a dispeller so we need to kill Elena before she gets her riposte up.

Watch that space. Elena’s riposte. Gosh darn it. This was not pretty (and being a Wednesday I was, as usual, doing it while sitting in on a work call…)

Nashgar goes down first due to the tiles mostly being on his side of the board. But Nashgar got off a couple specials, and then so did Azlar and Elena. Dang. Stupid riposte. I had to play conservatively while waiting it out.

Elena fired again, dang it! Lost Boldy and Grimm cause Shadey’s special wasn’t active… and then Lancelot and Hu while it was on. So eek.

Riposte + Azlar special kills off Lancey-poo for good, and Shadey revives as a draugr. Hah. Wow. Dang, this is not going well. So glad I brought Shadey along.

Had to use quite a few antidotes and mana potions. Foolishly didn’t bring along health potions, hoping that Boldy’s heal would be enough. And one dragon attack to speed things up.

Whew. that was not pretty, but at least I had minimal item use. I’ve stocked up a lot of dragon attacks and antidotes.

Lesson learned: have an answer for Elena’s riposte… Malosi used to be that answer, but he’s not eligible for the 4* challenge. Whew. I’ve come to appreciate Malosi even more… but the VIP this time was Shadereave. He’s earned his emblems for sure.

Other option is to kill her quickly, but sadly that is also dependent on replacement board tiles. I think I will stick with Malosi next time :wink:

Fighter emblems to Shadereave, bump him up a bit. Barbarians banked for Malosi.