How’s the Rooster?

Do you all think Sir Roostley would work in this defense better than Uraeus? I need a yellow attacker. I’m thinking with Frigg’s defense down he could be very good. I use Joon with this defense sometimes, and he doesn’t seem to do better than Tyr (but two reds…). Garnet is staying. I rarely see him, and have only faced him a few times. I currently have Joon, Sif, C-Viv, and Mica maxed. Working on Bia Y, and Uraeus. Note he’s still at 1/1. This is just a picture of him maxed. I have plenty of paladin emblems.

Some discussion and stuff there :arrow_up:

Personally I like him but honestly hes best suited to tank position. could go OK in flank but I would push Tyr to wing and remove Garnet from the defence team:
Tyr - Frigg - Alfrike - Roostley - Alasie


So ditch my healer, and just go full attack? Hmm, not sure I’d keep the same defense if I did that.

Garnet in wing isn’t going to be much of a healer tbh… The variabiltiy in her charge speed negates any healing she could impart. If she goes for 3x charge in wing, she will likely only fire when every other hero is dead…

Put it this way, Garnet in Wing is no threat at all… likely won’t participate in the battle at all in any meaningful way. She’s best at tank; flank at absolute worst but even there…

So from that perspective, yes I would “ditch the healer”

The only way I can see Garnet meaningfully contributing to a defence (Routinely) is if you were to Tank Garnet & ditch alfrike… Would then have to put a different purple in as Wing Alfrike has the same issue as garnet where by the time she fires, it’s likely the battle is already long gone.


He can be used effectively as an offensive suicide tank imo. He needs to fire as soon as possible when the enemy’s team is still fresh to deal maximum damage

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