Ninja Tower & Mythic Titans Sneak Peek Discussion

Maybe i will be wrong, but I have the feeling it will be exactly like Jungle showdown at Puzzle Combat. So More or less the same like challenge event. Nothing I really want to see again…

I have mixed feelings about mythic Titans. Depending on how the distribution of rewards will end. We will see.

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It is typical of SG lately that their idea of “Awesome new ways to play with your Alliance members” turns out to be more of the same.

  • More challenge events!
  • More titans!
  • More demands on our time!

Check out the tower in Wero hars – it sounds I’m the vein; largely depends if you don’t have to start at the bottom all the time

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Heh I think more is ok as long as they don’t hamburger helper the same amount of mats over 2x the content…

It’s nice when you can skip some stuff without knowing that’s the only shot you’ll have at some small but meaningful upgrade

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So, is it awesome as promised or just another time waste?

No idea yet, but I haven’t really been thrilled with the game additions over time, so I’m not superbly optimistic.


New heroes mean more summoning to get Dawas. Sadly this is probably another cash grab for sg. Not interested.


Dawa! Dawa! Dawa!

Oops, sorry for my over exuberance :rofl:

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LOL, I wonder how many of us will still be playing when it gets that crowded. It already feels like a lot.

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Maybe I’m being too early and pessimistic but based in what we have been passing… What to expect but disappointment at this point.

This “ninja” things sounds like a harder, pay-to-win and actually weird rip-off from “Hero Trials” from a zombie themed puzzle game.

Looks like we are going to fight easy to hard stages until we cannot complete it anymore. Probably will be gems costs for more tries. The same enemies, new skins.

Also, it´s E&P so we should expect a lot of work for poor loot.

Mythic titans? Even stronger titans, even more battle items, even more time for baby loot like 14* titans? Don’t even release it.

Whatever, let´s wait…


But is it Q4 of the calendar year or the financial year? They are often not the same thing.

My understanding of the timing from conversations with the Small Giant Staff is that they intend these features to launch in late 2020.

Zynga is also on a January 1 financial calendar, as far as I can tell from their SEC filings.


Thanks @zephyr1 :+1:


Dawa Dawa Dawa Dawa Dawa Dawa Dawa Dawa

Renfield Renfield


looks interesting, always welcome more opportunities to collect more loot and enjoy some different gameplay mechanics!

However, I cannot be the only one looking at the yellow ninja and thinking…


I see Dawa…


For the youngsters under us; there was once a tv show called the A-team. You could collect stickers (!) and complete a full book if you where lucky/rich enough.


October November and December 4th trimester

I’m intrigued but not excited… yet.

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