Ninja Tower & Mythic Titans Sneak Peek Discussion

as someone who just pulled Myztero, I think a hero like that, Mireweave or Skadi would be a little OP given the dynamics of the tower.

World titans are very interesting. I wonder how it will be with energy? Will it be a separate energy for the world titans or the same for the titan of the alliance? How then, it will be necessary to choose which titanium to spend on the alliance or the world ??

OMG- Dawa has morphed into a mythic Titan- eeeeek!


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  1. Weekly new servers for new players involving all new special “New Server” special gem packages

  2. Daily Gem recharge targets

  3. A new differentiation between paid gems and free bonus gems (via VIP, mystic, chests, and so on)

  4. A way to upgrade heroes beyond 4/80 with paid gems only

  5. Player Titles (that cost paid gems) that gives players bonuses (e.g “Friend of Nature” title for a 20% bonus chance of green tiles being refilled or “Darkness Overlord” to guarantee 15 purple tiles at match start)

  6. Alliance War Rematch; (paid gems to redo an AW battle)

  7. Monthly Alliance contribution bonus (each player in the alliances with the most total charge-up that month receives stat bonuses) New exciting way to play with your alliance mates!!!

  8. Challenge event charge up benefits: Charge $10 during a challenge event, you get to you get to summon a mimic chest on a stage of your choice, Charge $50 during a challenge event, you get to freeze" every stage for 10 seconds (so shaves 5 seconds off of your timer), Charge $500 during a challenge event, you get to create your own starting board for 3 select stages

  9. VIP levels; unlike the current VIP, have tiered VIP; the more you charge, the higher levels of VIP you have. Higher levels of VIP have different benefits; +125% stats during auto-battle for stages, +150% iron/ham storage, +150% iron/ham generation rate, reduce 33% Training/Hero Academy timer, reduce 25% building timer, bonus VIP chest each day that works like an elemental chest. etc etc etc. Possibilities are endless.

  10. customizable backgrounds; like how the background changes during christmas, easter, sand empire etc. customized backgrounds require paid gems to purchase and gives various bonuses to heroes and the stronghold.

And there you are 10 great new features that doesn’t involve new heroes and more summons, nor does it involve overwhelming players with more mundane tasks!


Not what i meant but not surprised you didn’t understand it


dude it’s called satire I was agreeing with you for once in how e&p has been really screwing up the game as of late. Which should have been obvious if you had any reading comprehension of my posts.

Sigh. Some kids just never grow up and seem to think they always have to attack others to get a sense of self-esteem.

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It’s been a while since I last saw your post.

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Too many times where i thought “this has to be sarcasm” but nope lol you were sincere.

If someone else had said it, yup would have caught the sarcasm

But you’re a special case :man_shrugging:


Same, guess my ignore expired

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You cited a feature of competitor puzzle game.
Bit that game has only one good idea - hero shards (and 10 bad ideas which you cited)

I believe that was meant to be sarcasm.

I played a competitor game when Telluria struggle was, and really saw many from this 10 features along with useful ones.

Useful ones:

  1. Hero shards. You cannot have dupes, dupe automatically converts to shards, which can be used to empower base hero.
  2. Speed-up base farmable items
  3. Heroes’ abilities affecting both base and field.
  4. Leveling up heroes with farmable resource, not with another heroes.

Bad ones:

These called “Kingdoms” there

There is worse - “Buy anything” daily target, which you must do with real money.

There is player frames which do exactly @bobiscool said.

There is a way with upgrade heroes by using duplicate shards. And for some 5* only way to get more shards is paying.

Most donating player in alliance in that game also gives gifts to alliance and all donates gives points to alliance chest (like our war chest, but with donations) relatively.

VIP levels there too. And auto battle even activates on 5th level only.

And more for donaters.

Some 5* from that game: Lucifier, Zeus, Lux (Average Vivica) , Sun Wukong (like Wu) , Sarbor (Like Wilbur) .

@rilian, I don’t think @bobiscool was serious in that post.

@yelnats_24 agree.

But even his bad jokes is true in some games. So, e&p is not worst Gacha game ever.

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you can auto run the stages you already played :wink:

So human sacrifice is not a thing there.

Baba Yaga in particular is a great graphic! Good work there.

For the Ninja tower would one compete against alliance members to climb up or is it a team event like war where one alliance competes against others?

According to what is written in OP in the Beta Beat thread it is more like challange events.
So everybody is competing with everybody else…

This comment is more me teasing but also a suggestion for at least one of the Ninja heroes they do eventually add to the Ninja Tower idea:

they better be a 5* red sniper mixed in there somewhere.

As for Mystic Titans and more on Ninja Tower, whew boy. I might like the ttian, but the tower will have to grow on me.

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