Night whispers 100k alliance needs 1 active gamer


Must be chatty and able to communicate in English. Seeking someone for thirst of taking down titans and alliances. We have so far won all our wars.

Must be 18+ years old and great sense of humor to join our rambunctious alliance. Must have minimum 3K TP, cups will be waived. MUST ALSO HAVE LINE.

Screenshot your best TP and send via LINE to Lyshorty.


I need a new alliance! Game name galen. Alliance shadow creepers. Check me out. I head the list!

You meet the requirements!

Add sky on line app: Lyshorty

Or me: Docprofit

Or you can quit your alliance and apply-we’ll accept you as long as you join us on Line app! If you don’t know, we use it to enhance coordination and communication.


Excellent post. Great job promoting your alliance.

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DGALEN - leave your current alliance and request an invite to our alliance. Search “Whispers.” We can save you a spot if you’re interested in coming over. We do require LINE app to stay with us. You can go ahead and add me on LINE. My ID is LYSHORTY.

Otto0000 - thank you so much for your encouraging comment and support!

Galen - we’ve been trying to reach you in game chat. Please add line and send me a chat so we can communicate. ID - Lyshorty.

THANK YOU GALEN FOR LEAVING AT THE START OF WAR!!! You actually saved me time from putting on my leather boots! :smile:

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HAVOC333 we will have opening after war. Send me a line chat if you want to join us! :wink:

I’m good with my current alliance, just wish you guys would’ve attacked me! I loved the “saved me time to put on my boots” line! :grin:

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Thanks for the fight! First loss for us, I’m looking forward to seeing y’all again if we meet up! Great battle and a lot of fun.

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Hey, person looking at this ad: When you join, we’ll be a 110k alliance. We’re having a lot of fun fighting in our Alliance Wars and taking down titans. With you, I doubt any 8* titans will escape.

Same handle on Line: DocProfit. Say hi, and apply to Night Whispers!

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LOL! Thank you for the <3! Feel free to add me on Line if you have an acct. LINE ID ~ Lyshorty.

WE HAVE ONE SPOT TO FILL AS OF 03/22/18! Send me a line chat (ID: Lyshorty) or send an invite to us! Search “Whispers”! Perhaps we will whisper a sweet lullaby to you. <3

I would like to join but there are too many line apps to choose from.

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Thanks so much for your interest Rarney! We are actually full at the moment, but please keep us in mind.

Attached is the pic of the Line app we use if you ever want to keep in touch.

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Thank you. Have a great weekend.

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Same to you Rarney! Hope you have fun with AW!

Docprofit! YOU DA MAN!!! You called it and I thought you were off your rocker, but you knew!! You had faith!!

110K alliance now!!!

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Just for those who might still follow this thread or checking for an active alliance that’s all about teamwork, hope you will consider NIGHT WHISPERS!

We’re still full, but we do take a wait list and honor those on it. Currently, 4 waiting to get in, but save your spot by sending me a LINE CHAT (ID: Lyshorty) with your best Hero Line Up. Must be at least 18 years old and have minimum 3000 TP, cups are waived.

And yes… we are still winning our wars!!!

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