StartedFromScratch Alliance ***Recruiting***

Fresh New Team Looking for Highly Motivated Competitive Players
We will and can help you grow

Hi, How is your recruitment going? Our alliance is trying to find a small alliance to join up with we have 17 very active players and we win wars. We had been at 5 and 6 * titans than we lost a few people so mostly 5* now. We win wars though some very high level players. I cant tell how many you have but I know recruiting was hard in global chat lol nobody would have to give up leader. Everyone keeps their title is how we figure we may find an alliance who wants to grow faster. If u guys have plenty of people I’m taking my chances asking people. Thanks!

Hello. Recruitment can be a pain. We are a small group of 12. I went out on a limb and started my own alliance. Some of my teammates from a previous Alliance joined me. We’re only 30 days old. I would like to give us a shot for while longer. You all are more than welcomed to join us. We mostly do 5 and 6* titans. We are 7-2 in wars currently. Feel free to contact me (Line) app ID:rasheda007

I totally understand. if you guys decide you want a fuller group feel free to reach out. We have 16 I feel like its harder to move us all lol if we did try a merge our leader will agree to same promotions for everyone in the group. We won 8 out of last 10 wars the 2 we lost was field air and way stronger so I can chalk those up to a mismatch lol. Have a great day… happy titan hunting!

Nocturnal Winds Alliances has 18 spots available between 2 alliances. Nocturnal Winds is a very active and competitive alliance with 7 spots available, Nocturnal Winds Zephyr is a more casual feel/training alliance with 11 spots currently open. We use discord for communication between the 2 groups and sometimes move back and forth depending on the personal goals of the player. Let me know if that might interest you guys and I can give you our discord link and we can talk further.