Nocturnal Winds looking for two players

Good evening friends:)

Nocturnal Winds is a 119,000 score alliance - just outside the top 1000.

We are an alliance of fun-loving, good, active people.

Use of Discord is highly encouraged. We have frequent updates there, voice chat with some wonderful people, and plenty of discussion about both life and E&P.

We require our members to hit each Titan, and to use ALL flags in every war. If you can not participate, you must notify the leadership team when possible.

Our alliance is a friendly group who understands the rigors of real life and we strive to allow for a balance.

We would like to add a player who is like-minded. Who is competitive, but maybe not “wake up at 3am to use some flags” competitive. We do set a time for war parties twice weekly, but they aren’t mandatory.

If this level of competitiveness sounds appealing to you, please reply here and I’ll forward you to one of our leaders for a discussion. We are more concerned about the type of person we are getting than their assortment of cards.

THAT said, we are currently fighting 9-10* titans, so having a defense team approaching a minimum 3000 power would certainly be ideal.

Thank you for your consideration, we look forward to adding to our family.

Still looking to add a good person to our group:)

Seems I may need to resort to dastardly means to “encourage” a new recruit.

Perhaps we will dismantle an existing alliance with some well placed “sabotage” and then we can pilfer their survivors!




We are seeking two new members. We would be happy to consider players in the 2700+ power level (alliance average is closer to 3500, but if you’re active and growing we would love to bring you aboard at a lower power!)

We actually just had a very awesome war over at NW.

With three minutes left we were down by 100 - we had been losing the entire war and had managed to make it close.

I had one flag left and as the attack before me ended I decided to swoop in for the cleanup. As I’m taking the hit my wife notes that the enemy is stuck on our biggest player - Alan. Getting stonewalled by him repeatedly.

I manage to finish off the cleanup - putting us ahead by 4 points with a minute left!

They’re still attacking Alan, a potential 60 points. So we are feeling nervous. The attack ends with 7 seconds left, they got 2 points leaving us up by 2!!

So we count down 7,6,5… expecting them to start another attack against Alan… 3,2,1


We got some bonus points at the end. But wow. We were just shocked to have that W. The other team played great and me and the wife were just gonna throwaway our hits. The timing on how everything worked out, Alan having just a stud defense, and our players swooping in last minute to leave some manageable cleanups. It was really a Great War and one I’ll remember a long time from now.

Join now and be a part of our next war :slight_smile:

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