FANTASTIC ALLIANCE needs a couple of strong new members, ready for a steady diet of 13* titans and wars against the Top teams!

Post here if interested, or contact me on Line ( ID = corvid ), or just request to join through the game.

1 filled, but 2 spots still open!

Come have fun with us, and be part of a great community of game veterans.

Great group to be part of copetative yet relaxed!

FANTASTIC ALLIANCE, is a place you’d wanna be…

We are currently FULL, but please keep our group in mind.

Have a nice day


1 spot open! Looking for good teammate who will use all war and titan attacks, and has 6 solid teams for war.
Contact me on Line. id= corvid

Have a nice day…

@coppersky @Kerridoc. Moderators would you please merge our older recruit msg with a newer duplicate?

Thank you!

@Cymro A merge will make a mess of that newer thread. Would it be cleaner just to close this one?

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@Kerridoc Absolutely. Closing this one is fine. Thanks!

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