Which red to LB?

Hello! I already have Zimkitha and Garnet on LB. Zimkitha is in my normal and war defense. I don’t know which red to LB for my mono team. I appreciate the help…

  • Vanda
  • Mitsuko
  • Gefjon
  • Marjana
  • Khagan costumed
  • Santa
  • Yang Mai
  • Russell
  • Wait for better hero

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My vote goes to Mitsuko. Seeing blues commit suicide is just fun besides very useful.

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Yep totally agree it’s super fun :smiley:

Mitsuko is fun, but I would still choose Vanda.
Resist ailment has gone from important to superimportant lately.
I have Garnet today, and she saves me all the time, but would love to have Vanda. Handy in any war

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Gefjon is q good sniper i ever seen but poor por health stats But i love Mitsuko. Yes it’s reflection still counter Mr. Pengi too … And also depends on your rooster formation buddy … Anyway mu vote is Mitsuko

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I chose Gefjon because she’s a beast. I have a LB Mitsuko and she’s very useful. I also have Vanda LB but without the costume, I would have chosen another red to LB.


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I would go with Mitsuko because she’s useful against the top blue heroes like Pengi, Morel, and Alasie.

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I’m gonna have to go with Vanda on this one. Marjana should only be considered in costume. Russell, Yang Mai, Khagan (And Costume) and Santa are barely even worth the emblems in my opinion. Gefjon and Mitsuko are useful in particular circumstances, but Vanda is annoying AF and wonderful all at the same time on both attack and defence. I personally just find her to be more useful and the better all rounder of the heroes you have mantioned.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game well :sunglasses:

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Thanks everyone for your time and comments. You helped a lot. Quite surprised Gefjon is in the lead and Vanda is only at 3rd place. I’m keeping her at 3/70 for now.