Next purple 4* to level


i wonder which purple 4* should be next…

Maxed 5* purple: Sartana
Maxed 4 * purple: Rigard, Sabina, Proteus, Tiburtus

no 5* purple available at the moment.
4 * purple available: Gafar 1st, Cyprian 1st, Proteus 2nd, Tiburtus 2nd, Rigard 2nd, Sabina 2nd

i’m tending to Gafar or Proteus… but which one?

Recomenndations or tips?

thanks in advance,


Cyprian, if you don’t have Boril maxed. Then Gafar. A 2nd Proteus isn’t that useful except for wars.

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may i ask why you would do cyprian 1st (before Gafar)?

Gafar i thought is helpful against Guinevere Tanks and in field aid wars. Proteus i love (he is just great)

i do not have Boril maxed (just unleveld in my roster…) and i have no experience with riposte at all… i man not as attacking with it… fighting against Elena, Boril is not a problem for me (Cyprian is more difficult since i’m not so strong in yellwo…) so i don’t have the feeling i’m missing something at the moment…(but maybe you can tell me what i’m not think of and why it is great… i’m maybe just lacking experience…

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Cyprian is the might against AoE, especially the ones, that’ll hit all. I use him every day to raid and he’s not maxed. Great stats, too.

Gafar is a fast hitter with anti heal ailment, but he’s only a supporter, not a game champion like Cyp. Gafar doesn’t hit hard enough to kill alone, he just will prepare an enemy for death.

Riposte is so cool on attack…


Cyprian is a great Paladin class hero that you could run as tank during story mode. He helps alot by counter attacking. Him and near by allies. Nothing like the AI killing themselves. He is also very useful in the trials against bosses; you just need to make sure to keep him healed.


I would go Gafar.

You already have Sartana, Rigard, and Proteus. Cyprian has his place, but he’s going to be last in your stack.

I regularly used to use a Sartana, Proteus, and Gafar combo against yellow tanks and it was very effective.

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I would probably prefer Gafar too. Only time I wish I had maxed Cyprian was the recent 4* tournament that had yellow banned.

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I would prefer Cyprian before Gafar, already explained by @Olmor.

I also used him in diamond arena raid offense mostly vs teams with over 300 TP higher, heavy AOE + snipers and when set, you will watch them blow up themselves; and once two or three are out that way, it is more or less game over. ( Amazingly too he is not even maxed, but I am maxing him already).
One shot from such sniper may send Gafar home,

Gafar has his niche albeit fast attacks only one target if it survives long enough to do it, but all depends on your synergy with other heroes and your style of play.


Another vote for gafar, in fact I’ll be lvling him as soon as I’m done with merlin.
I have the same maxed 4* and will be doing dupe rigard Cheshire cat, ammeona dupe proteus before I even consider cyp.
I have a maxed hel so reason dupe proteus is fourth.

Really depends on your current cup tier but most people stop using boril/cyp in diamond. Maybe they have a use in some 4* tournaments, I found li xiu is pretty effective there. But gafar will go good with sartana, especially in wars with field aid.


I am not an expert; but personally I would cast my vote for a 2nd Proteus.

I have 2 Proteuses myself, and it is SUPER helpful for events and challenges. At the final stage, the boss (or bosses) cannot fire their specials at all.

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In my honest opinion I would go with Gafar and Cyprian

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