Second Proteus, Gafar or Cheshire Cat

My purple 4’s are so far Proteus 4.70+7, Rigard 4.70+8, Proteus 3.49, Gafar 3.38 and now fresh out of the press the Cat. No 5s.
Whom should I prioritize?

Best JJ

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IMO, 2nd Proteus and Gafar are great choice, Ceshire Cat can wait.
Double Proteus mana block really great to block the entire enemies.
Gafar the only fast mana 4* purple hitter, great for bloody battle tournament.


Keeping in mind the usual disclaimers for advice…

2nd Proteus could indeed be useful in challenge events, trials, raids (depending on your arena) and 4* tournaments. I’ve done it myself before (having 2 Proteus completely block an enemy defense team, or having them take turns to make sure triple bosses never fire). And of course, great for Wars, so you can put Proteus on 2 attack teams.


I would go variety first. You have two great “utility” Purples (Proteus as mana blocker, Rigard as healer/cleanser). Gafar adds some good direct damage to your Purple bench.

For a longest time my only Purples were Proteus and Sabina, and I struggled when stacking Purple in Raids because of the lack of direct damage special skills. I ended up stacking Purple as the 2 in 3/2, but never as the 3, until I pulled Seshat.

so I say, Gafar over 2nd Proteus.

The Cat is interesting, but can wait for when you have more variety.


the cat is not a universal hero… only suitable for Titans and class quests… and it’s clearly not the first in line to be upgraded

See: Voidstrike’s ToS of his reply

I like the Cat, but as you are developing your roster I would go with 2nd Proteus or Gafar (leaning Gafar for variety, healing debuff and dispel).

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Just going to tack in here my opinion which differs somewhat from the above.

I actually advise doing CHESHIRE CAT first.

The below reasons I’m making is because I recommend prioritising titans above just about anything else… They are the best & most constant source of ascension materials in the game. Period.

Reasons I think

  1. He has a massive attack stat
  2. He has a defence debuff vs. yellow titans (other options are Tiburtus & Kunchen… Tiburtus as a << attack than Cat so cat is better imo)
  3. Cat is sorcerer class… Important for 2 reason.
    A) there is much much much less competition for emblems. Thus you can make the cat really good
    B) mana delay… This is handy for titans as it helps to reduce the frequency of the titan firing his special skill… The sorcerer class talent is really handy when tiles and enemy special skills play a big part in the battle.

Finally, I say cat cause he’s really fun to play with :stuck_out_tongue: handy in wars in rearranging the defence on later teams when you may be running out of “strong” heroes against the tank… Can rearrange to get some of those weak & flimsy wingers into the centre and hence killed off


@JJ_Wild my vote is for a second proteus, although diversification is always nice. But if you need extra help clearing advanced/legendary challenge quests, double Proteus is fantastic. Between those and time stops you can basically mana-lock the final boss battles. I finished my first legendary Challenge level with a pair and the second one wasn’t even levelled. The three bosses at the end didn’t fire a single special the entire fight. I think it was Avalon if memory serves.

Most definitely a second Proteus, comes in handy in Events Proteus-BT-Rigard-Wilbur -Proteus you cant go wrong

I don’t think there is a wrong answer to this question. They’re all fantastic, fun and look gorgeous, Cat especially (I desperately wanted it just to sit in my roster although it was ages before I levelled it!). The only reason I haven’t yet worked on a duplicate Proteus is that I value variety even more than utility - I do get bored, but also it’s good to have as many options as possible when, say, cleaning up a mostly-dead but tricky team in AW. You can’t really have too many Proteus-es-es. Gafar and Cat both have their uses; I use Gafar more often in wars but sometimes Cat is the perfect tool for the job. So do what makes you happy, it’s your team :smiley:

I have two Proteus, I use them together especially during events, to completely block bosses’ mana. They’re pretty convenient, also because give my Ameonna time to enter in ghost mode and strike further damage (the other two members are usually costumed Rigard and costumed Tiburtus).

This said, I would go with Gafar first, as I see you lack a bit of firepower. Second Proteus is indeed useful, but you can compensate by bringing mana pots and giving them to the first Proteus when needed.

I then would go with Cheshire Cat as second for variety, then 2nd Proteus as third

CCat will really enhance your titan performance against holy titans… And titans are a great source of mats.

Good attack stat too.

That’s where I’d go, then gafar and then second proteus

Hehe, thanks everyone for your thoughts!
May I quote Tolkien here?! Never ask an elf for advice as he will say both yea and nay.
Titans and class Quests would incline me towards the Cat, while Proteus 2 would indeed have been handy in legendary Wonderland although my bigger problems were caused by their insane slash attacks. Well I’ll sleep over it and decide tomorrow. Thanks folks

Depending on your priority battle arena.

Titans are well covered by @Guvnor

I am biased, I have four maxed copies of Proteus (+20, +19 and +0, +0) as well as Hel +3, I believe in mana control. Proteus can have an 840 attack stat at +20 if you go all out attack! At +19 with “just” 812 attack his poison DoT is 375 to three enemies over three turns which is pretty good for a 4* (should be either 387 or 390 if attack is 840).

Today I just pushed Cheshire Cat into final ascension after sitting on him over a year. Yes, for titans, he will replace Kunchen as the debuffer.

Mana control is fantastic and being able to bring two mana controllers to a battle is very, very useful. Proteus makes event completion in both Epic and Legendary a breeze (well, easier) and war is so much easier when the enemy isn’t firing at you.

Quality problem. Medium term you will have them all maxed. Also, Proteus II is close, Cat is just starting, you’ll get more out of finishing the squishy fish and using him while leveling the next one (probably Gafar for the same reason).

I have a question, why two heroes partially ascended? I could understand one at 3-60 and the other at 3-xx but not two!

I believe the best course of action is to take Proteus II to 3-60, then Gafar to 3-60, then Proteus II to 4-70 and then decide what to do between CC and Gafar.

I’d Do cat as I want one then maybe gaffer
But I like different heros to play with.
Viratey is always good

CC is perfect for war and fast poison. Guin or Aegir tank? Move em.

CC is under appreciated in general, and is also decent for Yurple defense.

I’ve skipped over Gafar for quite some time.

Easy answer: had Gafar first for a while then pulled Rigard whom I maxxed asap then Proteus 2 and prioritized him. My roster isn’t usually as deep that I may choose… Gafar was at the time my only purple 4 to ascend and note that he didn’t get any unfarmables yet.

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