Newbie Costume Leveling Question

I pulled C Grimm from the last round of Costumes.

I didnt have Grimm before, so when I am leveling, which do I level first?

I think I read in one of the guides that I should be leveling C. Grimm first, but wanted to double check.


Need to level Originsl first. Then the costume.

Costume cannot be higher then original.

My advice is to push original 2.01, then start on costume. It will be slow going but you will get both sides completed pretty close to each other.

Original 2.01, start costume to 2.01
Original to 3.01, start costume to 3.01
Original to 4.70, start costume to 4.70
You can start emblemming the costume once originsl is maxed 4.70.

That’s what I do with costumes.

You can also finish the original to 4.70, then start on costume. Then emblem.


As explained before you can’t have the costume a higher level than the original version but just to clarify something you can get the hero to 4.1 and then level the costume to 4.70 without leveling the hero but if you want to emblem it, you need to level the original version all the way to emblem it, you do not emblem the costume just the original hero so if you want the costume to have the right path make sure to follow that path on the original version, meaning that if you choose the right side in the original version the right side of the costume will be emblemed


You either do the original first or you do them roughly simultaneously.
I personally go for original first, as it gets me a usable hero faster, because it lets me emblem my hero earlier. The costume is an extra upgrade I use afterwards and often in the end the costume is better than the original (so when embleming I of course choose the side I will use in the end)


As suggested above, go with the ping pong strategy between original and costume, 1 ascension at a time. When the original reaches the last ascention keep it at 3/0 and max the costume ro 3/70. Its faster to get a maxed hero to use this way. Then go back to the original and level it to 3/70 and embelem as needed.


Thanks for all the replies everyone, very helpful!

I guess the only question is do I start leveling CGrimm now, or finish my other Blues thats Ive been working on?

I currently have Boril at 4/26 and Kiril at 2/44. I was missing ascension for Boril and so he was stuck for a while, so I started working on Kiril. Then when I was able to ascend, I went back to try to finish Boril. Now that Ive pulled C Grimm, I am thinking I should level him since I dont use either Boril or Kiril on my primary Raid team.


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Would you use Grimm in your primary raid team?

Boril is already close to max though, but I do not know what your levelling situation is (how many training camps producing feeders, how much food your farms produce). depending on how fast you level, it can be a good or a bad idea to pause a hero in the middle…

do you have any other riposters? healers/buffers? defense debuffers? that also goes into consideration… which of Boril, Kiril and Grimm is more unique in your roster?

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Boril is almost there so finish him then either pick Kiril or Grimm based on your formations need (healer or damage dealer).

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My current main raid team is Treevil/Ptolemy/Boldtusk/Rigard/Colen. I know thats a lot of healers, but I win most of the time as long as I dont try to go more than roughly 400 over my team power and try to avoid heavy hitting 5*s. My issue is my defense where I seem to lose a lot of points over night when raided.

I currently have 8 lvl13 farms as well as 10 small food bundles, so that hasnt been a problem yet(probably due to the fact that I havent lucked into enough ascension material for my 4*s).

I also have two lvl 4 training camps and one lvl 14 camp that I am trying to push to 20 as quickly as possible (SH is currently lvl 16.

As a VC2P, I feel like this is my best chance to get higher level heroes eventually, maybe im wrong.

For other Q’s, might be easier to screenshot my roster. Happy to take any advice on Raid Team, Defense Team and leveling/embleming!

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Ah, now I get why you want to prioritise Grimm first.

I do think Boril is so close to finishing that he should go first… then Grimm can go before Kiril. Grimm and his costume do overlap a bit with Boldtusk and Treevil, but still - you already have 3 maxed healers after all, so Kiril can wait a bit (but worthy of being maxed too!)

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Yes, as a beginner, I am a big fan of pairing a healer with a hitter and a healer with a slow mana game changer like Treevil because I feel like I am accomplishing something with the tiles while I wait for them to fire.

Im interested in leveling C Grimm because I can pair him eventually with Kiril and keep the same style of play that I am used to.


I would finish Boril first since he’s so close to maxing. At least he provides some cover.

C Grimm next for a small blue stack.

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Is your defense team the same as the raid team you mentioned?

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Not an easy decision, depends on who you play them with. If those two are your only blues in the team I think CKiril, then CGrimm will do more damage than Kiril then Grimm. If you add a third blue it might change, depending on your setup. Grimm only buffs/debuffs 3, while Kiril does everybody on the team. So if you have 3 hitters/2 healers, put the 2 hitters on both sides of CGrimm and you´re fine, but if you have 4 hitters/1 healer it´s better to use regular Kiril to buff them all and use regular Grimm for the def down. Nice thing with costumes is you can constantly swap them around :slight_smile:

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Ive been trying to find a combination that works, so I have been moving things around quite often.

But not, I do not currently have the three healers on the defense team. What would you do if you were me?

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Unfortunately, I do not have C Kiril yet, so Im a bit more limited. I do think Kirl and Grimm would be a good combination though.

In reality, I need to get some compasses, or there seems like there is a cap to how effective my team can be at the raid level of 3300+ TP which is where I run into trouble. That, and even a team with one fully good 5* will defeat me if I dont kill it before it fires that first time.

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If you are new and lacking power, level up the costume first and catch it up each time you ascend the original… you will get a stronger hero much quicker this way.

Example order:
Level costume to 1.40
Level main to 2.1
Level costume to 2.50
Level main to 3.1
Level costume to 3.60
Level main to 4.1
Level costume to 4.70
level main to 4.70 IF you will use regular form OR you want to emblem the hero OR you need for class emblem quest depth.


Did you try BT Tree Boril Ptolemy Colen?
You also need to max the heroes to get the full potential. Sometimes at this level all you need is 50 more HP to fire and it could be a game changer.


Kiril and Grimm are a good combination indeed.
But, with that roster, I’d advise you to level normal Grimm first. Attack-up + defense-down work together greatly, that is either costume Kiril with costume Grimm or, in your case, normal Kiril with normal Grimm.


Yes I have tried that combo, struggled with it. Maybe I have the order wrong since I had Tree on LW and BT on LF?

Totally agree with you, that lack of ability to level further feels like the game changer to me too, I just cant do it yet.

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