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Sorry, I couldn’t find a clear answer in the costume thread.

In the description, it reads “Costume bonus can be increased by ascending and fully leveling the costume.”

I have Rigard at 4.1, I intend to use him in his costumed form, at least for now. I do not intend to emblem him just yet. I figured I’ll work on leveling his costume because it’s faster. Since it says “…by ascending and fully leveling the costume” (not the hero), does that mean that when I max the costume, I will have the full costume bonus? I suppose I’ll get my answer when I’m done leveling his costume, but figured maybe someone has the maxed costume on non-maxed hero.

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You can’t level the costume past the base hero level

I am already doing it. You can’t level it past the hero’s ascension level, but once your hero is on the last ascension, you can max it.

Simple answer: Yes.
I did the same thing, as I had Rigard at 3/60 before the costumes came out. When I got his costume, I ascended to 4/1 and then maxed out his costume. Just don’t expect to add emblems though, you need to max out the hero before you can add emblems.

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Yeah, I figured. Mist has the emblems for now. It just takes so long to max the regular hero from 4.1 to 4.70, and if I plan to use the costumed version anyways, I’d have to max the costume after that…might as well start with a costume. I wasn’t concerned with costume bonus, but this morning, I got purple mana troops, and now that shaving one tile off seems like more than a dream (I was 1 for 60+ epic troop draws), I’d very much like to exploit that mana bonus.

Closing as asked & answered.

I would also refer people to the Costume FAQs:

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