New War Rule -- ✨ War Equalizer

This topic is to discuss & give feedback on the new War Rule - War Equalizer.

For the full release notes:

As a reminder, this was the last seen Beta Information on this rule:

:exploding_head: Additional Clarifications

  • It REMOVES all Buffs, Ailments and stacks. This includes dispellable ones, undispellable ones and (of course) Stacks.

  • BOTH teams are affected by this war rule (attacking and defending)

  • The War Rule will ALWAYS trigger every 3 turns. It is not dependent on how many enemies are still in play

  • In terms of WHEN it will trigger, it will trigger AFTER the ATTACKING team turn ends (i.e. immediately after all status effects are processed for the attacking team such as Heal Over Time, Burn/DoT etc…)

  • Boosted HP & Reduced HP (such as Heimdall, Gullinbursti, Alfrike & Fura) are NOT status effects & thus are NOT removed by the War Buff…

    • However, Baldur requries his Brawler Buff in order to do the random damage & give mana protection. This IS removed.
  • Minions are NOT satuts effects & are not affected by this war rule.

  • A FULL list of ALLLLL the effects & stacks which are removed by the war rule can be found on this thread by @DaveCozy

:ballot_box: Polls!!

:question: Do you LIKE this new war rule?

  • Yes I love it :heart_eyes:
  • I like it :slight_smile:
  • I’m indifferent to it :neutral_face:
  • I dislike it :frowning:
  • I hate it… It’s worse than field aid :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
  • I’m undecided yet…

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:question: Who do you think this rule benefits more?

  • Attacking Team
  • Defending Team
  • Both equally
  • Neither team
  • Unsure/ undecided.

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:question: What do you think of the Status Effect Removal?

  • Great as is
  • Should affect only Attacking Team
  • Should affect only Defending Team
  • Should only do Dispellable Buffs (not Stacks & Undispellable)

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:question: Did this rule make you rethink your strategy?

  • Attack Strategy / heroes Only
  • Alliance Defence Strategy Only
  • both attack and defence strategies
  • Not really either attack or defence
  • No… Leeeeerrroooooyyyyy jerrnnnnkkkkiiiinnnnnssssssssssssss…!!!

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:question: Do you think that this rule makes War “Easier” / “Less Challenging”?

  • Yes, It’s easier
  • No, It’s harder
  • Hasn’t made a difference/ No change.

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Question… i have on my defense team Natalya. Her effects ( burn and -54% mana generation) can’t be clean.
Is this the case for this war equilizer support?
Is this will clean all, including those which can’t be cleaned?

I think so. All status are removed.

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Check this main thread :wink::


So for the likes of Baldur, who effects is in play when his health is boosted, would he no longer attack a random enemy?

I think adjusted health is not a buff. So probably he will keep firing…

Denzel going to pop up and break the final heros neck to finish then off.

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Hope this helps: :wink:


So with the new War Equalizer Alliance War that we just got, does that removal of status effects include removal of buffs or is it only ailments that are removed?

Also, does it remove ones that state they can not be dispelled?

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It’s explained in the OP:


Thanks, I’m not sure how I missed that. It includes everything I wanted to know!

Next thing I’m looking for is how the smart people are adjusting their defenses, and offensive strategy, for this war!

I doubt there’ll be much to change about defenses or offensive strategy for this war type. IMO, this war type is friendly to heroes with fast (and very fast) specials, because their status effects tend to last for shorter periods of time, so they’ll be affected less by the equalizer effect when it happens.

And, since the war meta was already centered on mostly fast and very fast heroes (plus telly, who also only has a two turn duration on her two status effects), it’s not like people are going to have other options ready to replace what they’re already using.


There are a few specific heroes that are affected more than others.

This war type is particularly bad for Finley as a defender, IMO, because it’ll be pretty easy to time things so he fires right after the equalizer goes off, and therefore he’ll only hit one of your attacking heroes.

It’s worth noting, too, that with the way the timing is going to work, all defense heroes’ status effects will be active for at least one turn.


I think that’s the most important point you made in the last sentence…

You have to make yourself aware at which time the equalizing effect pops in and that is right before the defenders turn.


Looking at Equalizer from a clean slate clearly:
Minion makers are excellent.
Direct damage dealers such as Lianna shine again.
DoT and HoT are so much less effective, will need to take Rigard’s costume off.

Been building a bench with a lot of status effects so this will force me (and many others I am sure) to learn to keep a close eye on the timer for special skills.

Looking forward to it. Will keep a close eye on the forum to see what the “sophisticated players” are planning.


Others that I think it’s especially bad for:

  • Tyr & Atomos
  • All heroes whose main purpose is DoT or HoT (too many to list, and finally something that makes GM less of a problem than usual, lol!)
  • BK, Boss Wolf, Gazelle, Inari, Sif, Miki
  • Mitsuko, Onatel
  • Morlovia family

And those that will thrive more than normal:

  • Any heroes whose main purpose is direct damage or direct healing (too many to list)
  • Baldur
  • Minion generators, maybe?
  • Springvale family

ETA, I’ve been corrected below. Baldur is very much HURT by this war rule, not helped.


Read through the messages but still not clear, apologies if this is answered somewhere before:

So basically when this cleanse comes into effect basically (quite important imo for a decision to move any heroes), lets say JF has fired (good example as he only does DoT and zero direct damage), does he get one round of burn before the cleanse a) on Defense and b) on Offense , many thanks in advance

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Will it not remove the minions? And heimdall’s bonuses
health yes?

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More questions have been answered in the posts above… have a look. :wink:


To get to the minimum number of letters : yes!


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