Fiends And War Equalizer

As the title implies…Do the fiends of Elizabeth disappear when the War Equalizer strikes or just their mana reduction?
I searched the forum but I didn’t find a topic about this.

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the mana part only and it doesn’t go back unless she fires again

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Isn’t it a bit weird though? The ailment is being applied by the presence of the Fiends. Since the fiends are still there their skill should also reappear.

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i searched and couldn’t find anything related to this. this may be the first equalizer war that we might expect to see Elizabeth, and i suspect we won’t have clarity on this until after the first round of this equalizer war, but the card says that ‘The Spider Fiend gives -24% mana generation for its owner for as long as the owner has Spider Fiends. This effect cannot be cleansed.’ Note that it says the fiend, not Elizabeth herself. So personally I would think that the reduced mana generation would be cleansed by the equalizer, and then reapplied by the fiend in the next turn. so you’ll have 2 turns of reduced mana generation in between equalization until you remove the fiend.

curious to see how it actually plays out.


it is only triggered on every cast. just like alfrike and baldur family poison/burn gets triggered whenever their health gets low.

once it is blocked by grazul for example, it doesn’t apply again unless the trigger happens again

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Grazul or Wanda for example they provide protection from Ailments. But what if the duration of the skill is off and the Fiend is still there?
The way Elizabeth’s skill is written , the Fiend the moment the “ailment protection” is gone should apply a mana reduction. Same should happen with the Equalizer.
I wonder if any of the moderators could bring some light in this matter. @Guvnor ? Can you please help?

As Star mentioned above, -24% mana generation happens once only when Elizabeth cast special skill, so if Grazul for example blocked it (or a hero with Monk talent…)… even when the duration is over, the Friend do not give -mana generation again.

Similarly, when Equalizer activate, the -mana generation will disappear and do not appear again even Fiends still there.

The way the skill is written has nothing to do with when it is applied but by whom.
" The Spider Fiend gives -24% mana generation for its owner for as long as the owner has Spider Fiends. This effect cannot be cleansed."
The war equalizer should remove that-% for a round and then it should appear again.
It’s not Elizabeth’s skill. Its of the Fiend.
With your interpretation the Fiend should also disappear because the Equalizer cleanses Elizabeth’s skill also

Equalizer do not clean minions/friends because they are not buff/status aliments.

I do agree that the card’s description make confuse (for me as well as the beginning) but it just the way it works.

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Maybe I’ll go a bit off topic, but I had a similar doubt with Queen of hearts. Unlike Black knight or Krampus, whose taunt disappear with the equaliser, QoH’s taunt remains as it’s the minion who gives this ability. So, with the same logic, the -24% mana generation should remain, as it’s the fiend who causes this ailment.

It’s hard to know. It seems we’ll find out it when we face Elizabeth.


I think its a good comparison of 2 effects that the presence of minions gives.

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QoH is special, as the minion itself provides the taunt. Proven by when Gefjon steals the minion and gains taunt in the process.

The mana slow applying only initially for Elizabeth’s fiends was discussed on her main thread.

yep, reread through the whole thread looking specifically for info about this. not a lot, but Guvnor explicitly states it here:

Guvnor post about the mana debuff

and a couple posts up from that mentions it’s removed by war equalizer. honestly, i’m surprised that none of the people who have Elizabeth have complained about this fact, since it doesn’t play like it reads on the card, but i don’t have her and have only seen her once in a raid. so… :man_shrugging:

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Just their mana reduction.

Doesn’t cast again. It is only applied when a fiend is applied. If it’s resisted at that time, you’re all sweet. Same as for the S3 realm effects (like the Muspelheim or Svatalfheim ones).


I think we could apply what happens with skadi…
Does the stack disappears for skadi when war equaliser hits?
Elizabeth mana ailment should be undispellable so should work similarly.
Anyone who has skadi knows if the stacks are cleansed?

Yes disappears.

Everything gets cleansed, so the mana slowdown from Eli gets removed also.

When it’s gone it’s gone until the next time Eli fires.

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The ailment is not set by the presence of fiends actually. If you fire Liz while Garnet/Vanda or similar is active, the mana ailment sont he set, and will not be set once the protection is lifted.

It is set when Liz fires, and lasts until there is at least 1 fiend left