New war mode - zim or kong in defense?

Asking myself if it would make sense to put kong in defense. He is kind of squishy though and as I usually only use him on offense I focused on attack when embleming him. Obviously his damage is much higher and a fast cleanse is not that important with the current war rule. But then: Zim fires more often, is sturdier and her attack boost might still last a bit… Any opinions?

Current defense:

Option B:

Hero stats:

Zim is fast and got higher defense. I think zim is better anyway in this war

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Yes, also i think seshat is best suited for wing. The more I think about it the more I think i leave it as it is. But still thought some other opinions could be helpful :slight_smile:

Bit late as war has started, but iv taken out guin and JF out of my defence, as I think this kinda war needs more of an attack defence as put in poseidon and Athena. I’ll see how it goes.
Athena+10 jabberwok+9 Areil+11 kingston+8 poseidon.

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