New Offer: Dragon Magic! 350 Gems & 30 Days of VIP

This seems like a nice deal to me for anyone who normally buys VIP — for less than the normal cost of VIP, you get both VIP and extra gems.

I imagine this will appeal to a lot of players, including many who haven’t previously bought VIP, or let it lapse.

What do you think?


Yeah, it’s a really nice offer for people who are on the edge for buying VIP, but I just bought VIP for a year so not for me :wink:


It’s not a terrible price even just for the gems. But it’s definitely less appealing if you have an annual VIP membership.

It would be good to know specifics of what is included.

Also if you have 10 days left on a pass and you buy this do you have a total of 40 days?

it does ADD 30 days to VIP if you’ve got one that exists already


Hi @Godzilla, welcome to the Forum!

It includes 350 gems, and 30 days of VIP — which will extend your current VIP if you already have it.

Here’s what VIP itself includes:


Thanks for that.
I totally forgot that you can click on it to see specifics. :roll_eyes:


Thank for your explanation. I bought a VIP last week so I was not sure what would happen… But if it just expands the length of die VIP by 30 days it’s a really good offer… and I will buy it :wink:

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It definitely extends it:


Even if you have a fresh annual VIP, any purchase of VIP adds days up to a limit of 395 days.


I have 6 days left VIP, so I bought this… so now 36 days left. great additional bonus x350 gems.

Edit: before I bought this offer, I’m searching this forum to know detail if it is worth, but no one single post, but then the description is clear enought to me,… extend 30 day VIP and bonus +350 gems.


VIP Annual comparison

Annual VIP is $4.11 USD for 30 days.

For a discount of $-0.12 USD ( 3% discount) you also get 350 gems for free.

Offer supersedes

The text on this offer says This offer can temporarily exceed limit of 395 day ( see image below).

So this is safe for all interested players.


That’s $5.49 CAD for me… exchange rate up in the maple leaf country sucks lol.

I’m as cheap as they come. So maybe I’ll get it if Google Rewards gets me there.

The rudolph offer was 400g, 30D for 2.99 USD so abit more expensive than that one

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Will this Dragon Magic Offer apear this month?
6 days left, hope Dragon Magic is appear… :smile:

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The last two have been around the seasonal events, so you won’t see one until June/July probably


So, now June will probably there or no? 1 day left.

This is likely to be an annual deal during the Springvale Easter event as we never saw this deal again for any challenge event or the Sand Empire or Return to Morlovia seasonal events. It seems like it would also be overkill to offer this during Santa’s Challenge, which includes 31 days of seasonal offers starting less than 48 hours removed from the Black Friday special offers on top of the offers towards the end of the month around Atlantis Rises and New Year’s.

And there could be additional Stardust-type offers in December surrounding the Farholme Pass and Mount Umber special quests, which will definitely fall during the Winter event or Shrikewood, which is expected around New Year’s.

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Last year, they had an even better deal during Santa’s Challenge. There was a Rudolph offer that had VIP plus even more gems (400?) and it cost less ($2.99 iirc).


Oh, wow. That’s good to know. I didn’t actually start playing until middle of January and my baby was born. I was off work on parental leave and was looking for a time waster while at the hospital and my wife and baby were sleeping. Started playing and never looked back. This Rudolph deal may be more economically friendly than alot of the other deals that they’ll have.

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