Vip pass offer

My vip pass expired today, and once before I didn’t renew it for maybe a week or a few days, and I got some special offer for it. I was thinking I could wait for the offer to come back again, lolz.

So my question is does anyone know what the offer is, because I can’t remember what was included, some gems and maybe a little cheaper price?

It was the same, no special price or extra gems. Just a commercial for vip pass

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no I got some bundle of gems on top of the usual offer at least

I remember once around Christmas last year they had an offer for VIP + some gems I guess. I buy vip every month anyway so bought it but don’t remember specifics that well.

Anyways, it is not a recurring offer and it is (as all the offers are) universal, and not targeted at individual accounts based on their vip status. So in other words, if you expect they will attempt to tempt you with something special to come back to VIP, you will be disappointed. If it ever happened, everyone would knew about it already and we would have forum topics for tactics around scheduling your vip purchases lol.


The only difference I have ever experienced with VIP is sometimes if you click out before you buy it will offer a dollar off the price

For me, it was only once in April:


I could be wrong, but I don’t think this is Small Giant. On Android, I know that if it has been a while since you have purchased anything larger than $4, and you start to purchase it but then decline, then Google will offer $1 off. But I assume with this mechanic that Small Giant is still getting $5, Google is just pitching in $1 of it.


I recently let my vip expire. I was on vacation last week with no WiFi and didn’t want to lose gems and emblems. I renewed it when I got back. I did not get an offer except a generic one - the same price and same deal. There was no special offer.

People are commenting about one special offer near Christmas. Even with that one, if you already had vip, you could take advantage of it and tag on to your current vip. There was no extra benefit for non-vip users.


Sorry I didn’t know if that was an android thing or what. But I know with mine the offer is random and I never go more then a few hours before rebuying my vip and I still occasionally get the discount.

im an apple user… but thanks I guess it’s not a “thing” then and was just random last time

As far as I know and remember if you got a valid active VIP pass and a new special offer for VIP pops-up, you can just buy it. The time of current VIP is just extended accordingly. So I think to reason to discuss.
In case a special VIP offer appears as in the past also players with active VIP can use it.

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