New Offer: Dragon Magic! 350 Gems & 30 Days of VIP

i think these offers should be more often

Hoping for some Dragon Magic today!

Really missing a 2020 Dragon Magic offer.

Maybe next few days they put it up

Got it up again right now.


I just renewed my month-long 30 day pass the day before this reduced price +350 gems deal came out. If I were to purchase this deal, would my pass be extended to two months +350 gems?

yes it will be extended

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The package stated some other items along with the package deal… did you guys got those items?

If you’re talking about small icons that scroll at the bottom - it’s just to show what you get daily with VIP, not something you get with the offer instantly :slight_smile:



Twenty Characters worth of Thanks!

oh gosh thanks so much for the explaination! :slight_smile:

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These are the items provided by the VIP30 itself. (and it is mentioned in small letters in the offer itself).

The package provides VIP30 and gems only.

I think that buying a year of VIP activity is a bad idea. The best thing of the VIP pass is that you can build two houses at the same time, which leads to very little ressources. Thats why I buy it for a month, and keep several days in between the months ot refill my ressources - this leads to minimal payment for maximal effects.


It’s a good deal for ppl operating on limited budget i wish to know if there are more offers like this through the year?

Here you go:


Hey zephyr, I am curious if you know roughly when they release the discounted VIP offers and when the next one is?

Is it time for one :point_up: soon :slightly_smiling_face: please…

Maybe after October they did that deal last year

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I’m at the point where spending is just less and less necessary BUT I would definitely pull the trigger on a VIP deal again. Hope they pop one again soon.

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I always felt SGG should sweeten the deal for a year like adding more loot tickets, gems or coins. For this reason I do monthly VIP and I skip some months.

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