New heros to ascend

Just received Wilbur,triton,Colen in a ten pull. Any suggestions which to level?Current line up. Kiril,li xiu,Evelyn ,gormek,& I switch out another Evelyn I have with cyprain at 3/60.

Wilbur is game changer, you want max him as fast as possible.
Triton is nice when you taking 1 healer, good for warm capes.
Colen is strong but he can wait, Wilbur is more important.


This is most of my heros

I was thinking triton with kiril of course. Someone said Wilbur is as good as wu. Not sure about that. Still trying for wu. With those hero’s what would be the best for a defense?


Should work good

I think Wilbur isn’t as good as Wu - he’s better! Sure Wu increases damage to insane levels, but he introduces those misses which seem to happen when inconvenient. Wilbur doesn’t miss and has both offensive and defensive benefits. tiles just melt the whole opposing team when you’ve got him activated

Putting both Wilbur and Wu onto Titan teams is great, but Wilbur has more uses imho


You have plenty of good heroes to work with. I am with @Kerridoc in that you should do matched coloured training, so you will have 5 projects going on.
Blue - Finish Kiril, then work on Grimm, unless you are stuck on Mats, in which case get Triton to 3.60 and then finish Grimm, then Triton, then work on Frida.
Red - Finish Gormek, then work on Wilbur. He is a priority since he will improve your titan hits and make challenges/ quests easier. Then Falcon for better titan hits and finally finish Scarlett.
Green - I would work on Kashrek, he will be a very good tank for your team for a while until you start working with 5*s. After that Little John, since he has good tile damage for titans and is decent for wars.
Yellow - Finish Li Xiu, then max Jackal, he is fantastic for titans, then finish Chao unless you get another better yellow project like Wu.
Purple - Work on Sabina and max her, then max Cyprian unless you draw Rigard/ Proteus in which case they are your priority.


Thanks for info. I needed some guidance :slight_smile:

Guys . Need some info on my best option for a offensive raid atk with my current roster.

Exactly this. You have some great heroes and probably want to level them all ASAP but materials are always limited.

@genuineness nailed it (IMO) regarding the order of priority for what you have. It feels slower but having one project in each color and only feeding on color is the best way (the 20% bonus is huge over time).

Late stage players with huge rosters of maxed heroes have less reason to worry about this bonus (you’ll see the videos posted about express leveling a 5*) but it IS very valuable. While you work on the current heroes you will get others which jump the line for priority. The project that is almost finished should remain the priority until you’ve reached the desired level (even if that is 3-60 for a 4*)

Thanks guys for all your input!. Will do.

Hi guys. Just got the hero of the month ranvir. Was just wondering if anyone knew if say a rigard ,or any other cleanser could dispel the accuracy Defect Of his special.

No, it is only one buff, that gives att boost and less accuracy at the same time or nothing.

It can be dispelled by the enemy, but not cleansed.

Good to know. Thank you

Trying to decide what to do with certain hero’s. I have 3 keliles ,& 2 skittleskulls. But I really hate feeding 4’s,other than gobbler . Any advice

This is my current roster

Buy more spaces.

Red: Finish Falcon to 3.60 (ascend if you have mats) and also Wilbur.
Blue: Triton, 2nd Grimm / 2nd Kiril, Valen.
Green: Caedmon (good for dispell), Kashrek if you want alternative tank or if lack for trial class quest.
Yellow: Finish Hu Tao to 3.60, ascend Jackal, start Ranvir (you do not have Wu Kong).
Purple: Finish Tiburtus to 3.60, Ascend Sabina / Cyprian / Tiburtus, 2nd Baltazhar.

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