New Feature -- Talent Tree Scrolling (Version 31) -- GREAT for Costume Embleming / Path Selection!

For those not familiar with the feature it is this line of the Version 31 release notes:

What it looks like in game is this:

Tapping the little “arrows” on either side will take you to the next hero overs talent tree (in your roster) from the selected one.

My personal take on it is that it makes Embleming Hero Costumes MUCH easier… As previously, if you wanted to check which direction to take you would have to go in & out of the talent tree to compare the two emblem pathways as you can ONLY apply emblems to the base hero…

Now, you can set-up your roster so that embleming a “costume” is really quick & really easy…

Video How-To Emblem Costumes – Using “Talent Tree Scrolling”

Step By Step

  1. Clear out your “team 1” and insert the Hero who’s costume pathway you want to emblem up (Screenshots I will use Li Xiu).

  2. Add a hero who is of the SAME CLASS as the costume’s class (in this example, I used Scarlett who is also a rogue, like Li Xiu’s costume).

Your roster should now look like this; it’s important that the two heroes are NEXT to each other (hence putting them both in Team 1).

  1. Open up the Talent Tree & use the arrows to back & for to check the correct Talent Tree pathway that you want to take

No more having to go all the way in & out of the talent tree to check which path you want to take for the Costume’s talent tree


That makes sense even if it does require dumping a pre-set team.

Seems like this feature would be more helpful if we could just bounce back & forth between the same hero with/without the costume, wherever they are in our roster, without having to rebuild a special team to do it.


Agreed; This was actually specifically asked for by @DaveCozy and a couple others in Beta; adding the ability to simply switch back-and-forth between costume & base hero talent tree.


I’ve noticed that SG have added some nice little GUI enhancements.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Woah, wait… hold your horses! They actually listened to people in BETA? You must have that wrong.


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Nah they DIDN’T implement that haha… otherwise wouldn’t have to do the whole “setup heroes in team 1” thing

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Updated the OP to include the video version :slight_smile:

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Good idea, Guv!

I still wish I could scroll between the costume tree and the original tree for the same hero directly instead of needing to mess with my teams and use another hero to do it.

I really see little reason to use this feature OTHER than your little hack.


I was all excited when I first read this thinking they had changed the game so that you could add emblems to the costume’s class instead of just the base class, but alas no. Frankly that would be way more helpful giving players more choices. Even stranger is they show the talent tree for the costume class, but you can’t actually add those emblems. Maybe they did that because they plan to change that some day?