Nanny Ogg's Trans Coven

We are a new alliance, aimed at LGBT+ users and allies. Currently battling 1-3* Titans. We’d like this to be an active and fun inclusive alliance.

Get in on the ground floor and help us grow this alliance. We look forward to your company :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the community @LanaR! Good luck with building your alliance. :smile:


@LanaR - Good luck hope you do well.
But I would suggest you expand a bit more on who you are looking for… And what you can offer or any rules etc
Defence team strength?
People using all 6 war flags?
People hitting the Titan daily?
People with six war teams?
Experience level?
English speaking?
Member from what countries?
Roles you can offer : co-leader etc?

PS - with only three current members, have you considered joining another LGBTQ+ alliance? Just a thought…

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Thank you @SamMe for the warm welcome

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@JGE Thanks

Well all alliances have to start somewhere and three members is two more than one :wink:

Additionally the active alliances in that space are mostly full, and the others are either inactive, or the leader has gone inactive and not nominated a co-leader or even elders so there is no real prospect of advancement within the alliance


@LanaR Yes - every alliance has a starting point …
I really hope you take off and do well.
Will keep you in mind if I decide to move
Good luck


@JGE Thank you

We’d be happy to have your company whenever you’re looking for a change of scene


They come they go, but we’d really like for some to come and stay :slightly_smiling_face:

Currently in building phase;

  • There is no compulsion to participate in Alliance war, but if you opt in we do expect you to use as many of your war flags as possible (we recognise that not everyone has 6 war ready teams). Consecutive no-shows will not be accepted.
  • 14 days free parking for members, 45 days for Elders, without prior notification.
  • Elder status granted after 45 days membership, with solid contributions in Alliance Wars and /or Titan hunting as well as civil participation in group chat.

Currently battling 2-3 star Titans

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Free cake :cupcake: for new members

Bump diddly bump :arrow_up:

Monday bump day :arrow_up:

How goes the search for new players? Always keen to know how difficult, or easy, recruiting is in the game these days. :slightly_smiling_face:

FYI…I used to do the whole recruiting thing when I was leader, or co, depending on where I was. I personally found it good fun, although a thorough scrubbing was needed afterwards if I waded into GC. :open_mouth::worried::persevere::tired_face:



I have a theory, that there is a critical number of members. Once you reach that number it starts to attract further members :thinking:

But as a wise person once said; Theories are like belly buttons, everyone has one, but not all of them hold water :slightly_smiling_face:


:laughing::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:…and (tmi) being an ‘outy’, I can say that is very true!

Hope your alli fills up quicker than my navel, and apologies for spoiling your thread. Although I have bumped it :grinning:

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Not at all, glad to have your input :kissing_heart:


…and now I’ll bugger off. :heart_eyes:

Edit: I’ll bump your ad when I’m on


Hump Day Bump :arrow_up:

Sunday afternoon bump :arrow_up:

You filled the alli yet @LanaR?

A free bump if not, a well done if you have. :slightly_smiling_face:

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