Thunder Unicorn RARE TITAN is up for us. Need people to help kill it

Hi Guys,

A RARE Titan Spawned for us last night and we need help to kill it. Need some hard hitters.
Farsight Telescope up for grabs.

Alliance Name: Pap en Vleis Brigade
Leader: Mariska

We have 4 Spots Open

The scopes are only available to people who are in the alliance at the moment of spawn.
That being said, I hope you get the help you need and the scopes for those who are in your Allie!

Thanks. Did not know that.

Thank you LunaLovegood and Jnt for coming to our aid. Really awesome of you guys.

Awesome, another Merc coming to our aid. Thanks a Million Revenant.

Shogun and Heins stepped in as well. Awesome guys. Thanks a million. If anyone else wants a shot at the RARE Titan, you will need to hurry. It is dying fast.

TITAN is dead guys. Thanks a million for all the help.

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Please tell us how many of you got a telescope! We are still after some %odds.

So far, of the couple that opened their loot, only I got a scope. Kind of hilarious since I don’t need the scope as I don’t have any 5 Star Heros. Lol.

Got Trap Tools on my smaller account. Not that I can use that on that account either. Haha

Will update the post with some more stats later.

Looks like from the 30 Odd guys that attacked the Titan there was just one Scope.

Hi all, our alliance just spawned this Thunder Unicorn, we are active but few (18 so 12 spaces left) come help us kill it.


Our alliance name is MidniteMayhem

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