Need mercs for 4* titan in **dogpound**

Mercs needed to finish 4* titan in dogpound 7 hrs left.

I’ll pass. Thanks tho

Thanks anyway. Happy hunting

Absolutely no offense intended, as I grew up in baby alliances myself, but if your alliance needs a merc on a 4* titan with 7 hours left, perhaps you guys aren’t yet ready for 4* titans……

That being said… I’ve never merced before, but I might have been willing to help you guys out if it wasn’t the day before a war. Sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:

No we are not ready. It’s our first one. Just didn’t want to loose out on any possible ascension mats for this one as I am in the top tier.

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Again, I’m sorry… maybe hit up the forum on a non-war day, I’d be willing to help you guys out just as a kind gesture as long as I’m not possibly jeopardizing my war. Wars are kind of a big deal for my alliance. Titan loot, meh, I can take it or leave it.

EDIT: Actually wait… okay, I think I read somewhere on here that you don’t lose your war chest progress for your alliance as long as you rejoin the same alliance within a certain amount of time. I would need to confirm this first. We do have 3 lower level members who are not participating in the war, but honestly they wouldn’t be much help to you… I could put a pretty heavy dent on a 4* titan, but I wouldn’t want to lose my war chest progress in the process… got a couple co-leads who can also get some good titan scores, but I don’t think they’d be willing to sacrifice the war chest either…

Good luck! May the boards be in your favor.

My understanding is that you will not lose your war chest level as long as you do not participate in war with the other alliance…


Ah, sweet. Thank you.

In that case, I would be willing to help on a non-war day.

As long as war hasn’t started, you’re fine.

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My current titan is dead and next isn’t respawning for several hours, but my war team is already on the board… it’s one thing if I potentially sacrifice my own personal chest loot, but I don’t even want to chance possibly screwing my alliance in the war… :worried:

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You can leave and go back with no issues.

I just did it today since we are passing on a titan right now.


100% for sure? After matchmaking and everything? You go back with the same war team?

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See proof below. 100% participation in the chest. My team is still on the field.


Just left and rejoined in the last two hours

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Okay… in that case, Teflon, you still need help? How much time and HP left on your titan, and what color?

I’m guessing you might have already found a merc through the in-game chat. I’ll probably browse the forum for a few more minutes, reply here if you still need help.

EDIT: Okay, maybe next time. One of my co-leads was willing to give it a try, but he’s logged off for the night. I think there is a way to send messages directly to other forum members? If you guys need help on another titan after the upcoming AW, hit me up, I might be able to send someone your way. Otherwise, good luck!

Yes. Lol


Good to know :wink:

I was willing to help the OP, but I guess they logged off. Oh well, we have our own titan to deal with now. Maybe some other time.

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