Merc Needed *Rare*

Merc needed to help kill 5 star rare yellow titan. 7 hours left with 596,593 left. Group name is Sands Spa

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I think there might still be merc rooms, although with the nerfing of titan loot for mercs, idk :woman_shrugging:. Perhaps @Rook might be able to help?

I tried. Got a terrible board. Good luck

Thank you to anyone that helps

I just figured out how to use this forum today. yay me


There are a number of Merc rooms on Line, and I’m happy to add you to them:

  1. add me as a friend on line (my ID is chibipotato16)

  2. remind me that you need the Merc rooms (I’m a sometimes forgetful cat) :wink:


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