Three stars, who to trash, who to level up?

Hi there, I’m kinda new to the game and currently drowning in 3 stars. I’m willing to keep up to 30 of them (I only have one 4* anyway) for wars but I’m having an hard time deciding who I should keep. If it makes sense to have one of each or trash the weaker ones and have multiples of some others.

Given these heroes could you help me out?

3x tyrum
4x balthazar
3x renfeld

2x gan ju
2x bane
3x dawa

4x ulmer
2x valen
2x gunnar

Fra tuck
2x berden

3x Jahangir
3x azar

Thank you!

Purple: Balthazar, Tyrum, vlad
Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju, Kaliani,
Blue: Valen, Ulmer, ok with Gunnar also
Green: Berden Brienne, also if you get Belith
Red: Hawkmoon, Azar

Plus whatever you need to have 30 heroes

2 tyrum + 2 balthazar + Vlad

2xGan ju + 2XBane + Kailani

2 Ulmer + 2 Valen + 1xGunnar

2xBerden + Brienne + Tuck ( Level Tuck last and hope you get 2 Belith and another Brienne ) if you do dump Tuck

Hawkmoon + 2xAzar + 1 Jahangir

Good luck

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Well, for now you’ll want to keep 30, so 6 of each, for wars, stacking vs titans, and events. That doesn’t mean you necessarily need to level all 30, since you may summon/train better heroes before you get all 30 to max.

The following are worth keeping and leveling, along with any Atlantis or Event 3*

Purple: Balthazar x2, Tyrum. Keep Vlad too
Yellow: Bane, Kailani, Gan Ju
Blue: Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar, maybe Karil
Green: Belith, Berden, Brienne
Red: Hawkmoon, Azar, Nashgar and Jahangir


Thank you very much to all of you!

First of all, if you’re a collector like me, you’ll probably keep like one of each just because. :wink:

That being said, one each of:

-The two best purples.

-Also great. For a 3*, Dawa has her place, too, but down the road you won’t need her. Malia, from Atlantis, is excellent and worth keeping if you get her.

Valen/Gunnar (or both)
-Great 3*'s. Gunnar kind of plays the same role as Kailini (spirit link), but that can be a huge help.

-Both excellent 3*s. If you get Belith, she’s worth keeping as a whole-team healer. Mnessus, also from Atlantis, is worth keeping.

-Hawkmoon is a great whole-team healer and Azar is the typical big hitting, fast mana Red sniper that every team likes. If you get them down the road, Nahamage (Atlantis) and Squire Wabbit (Easter) are worth keeping, too.

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I’d trash the weaker 3* personally as some are simply far inferior. Going to list what I think are the heroes you can eliminate. Heroes you got but I didn’t mention = good by default.

P - Renford, Prisca are food.
Y - Dawa is always food. Bane is generally the best yellow. But you can keep gan ju and 1x Kailani
B - Keep 1 Gunnar/ulmer. Valen is best normal blue. (Greymane if you get him later is food, Karil has more overall damage but worse than Valen in most cases)
G - Carver and isstak are food.
R - Jahangir is food imo, but he is statistically better than the food I mentioned above him. So you can keep one since you don’t have nashgar.

All the fast mana Atlantis 3* (if you ever get them) are worth keeping I think. Ditto for any event 3*.

One thing to add - according to one of the top event winners, the Dawa’s, Karil’s, Isshtaks are pretty valuable there…you should check out his video where he basically says Karil was a must have to place top in rare for Fables…I’m gonna keep one of each for this reason.

Keep 2 balthazar 1 tyrum feed the rest.

Keep 2 Bane and 1 Kailani

Keep 2 Valen 1 Gunnar

Keep those

Best red 3☆ is Nashgar
But keep Azar and Hawkmoon

Thinking of Trashing:
Red- Jahangir
Green- Carver, Isstak
Blue- Greymane, Karil
Yellow- Dawa
Purple- Prisca

Planning to Keep:
Red- Azar, Nashgar, Namahage, Hawkmoon
Green- Berden, Belith, Brienne, Mnesseus, Muggy (maybe even 2 of him…one for 3* events and another for higher power team to revive them in wars/raids), Hisan
Blue- Gunnar, Valen, Gato, Ulmer
Yellow- Kailani, Gan Ju, Arman, Bane, Melia
Purple- Tyrum, Balthazar, Chochin, Gill-Ra


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